WBZ Morning Forecast For March 27

Jacob Wycoff has your latest weather forecast.

Video Transcript

- Jacob, you and I are smiling back forth at each other today because look at this view of the city this morning. The sun is out finally for the first time in a few days, and it's going to be a beautiful day.

JACOB WYCOFF: Yeah, we really are going to just soak up that sunshine over the next 24 hours. Things are going to change with some rain and some wind for tomorrow. So enjoy the day today.

Sunny and warm, temperatures about 12 to 15 degrees above average for this time of year. Then, we see the changes arriving for Sunday-- scattered rain, some downpours, especially into the afternoon, in the evening. The wind will also start to pick up. And I think that that is going to be a concern as we go into our Sunday, too.

And I think overall, March is going to leave us like a Lamb and then roar in like a lion for April with another storm system for Thursday and Friday. We'll get to that in the seven-day forecast, but we've had some ups and downs for the month of March. But we are in the midst of a pretty long streak of above-average temperatures starting on March 20, so a week ago.

Notice that 26, that plus 21 there. That's been the most extreme day, the biggest departure from average we have seen the entire year. So you're talking almost 90 days. That's the most extreme day that we have seen thus far.

Mild temperatures depart as you head into Monday. We're back to about average for this time of year. And then we're going to watch this little area of cold air kind of spill in for Thursday and Friday, setting us up for a chilly end to the workweek. We will see the warm air building back in towards the second week of April, but I think we roar into April with some cold air.

There's our storm system for tomorrow. It's going to push closer to us. And as it moves near us, we will see the winds increasing tomorrow afternoon and evening, potentially some damaging wind gusts that we'll have to watch for.

Some sunshine though for today. That's where we're seeing those smiles up and down the East Coast, nothing but some sunshine on our Futurecast.

As we head into tomorrow, though, building the clouds, a few showers initially as you're waking up with this. We'll be tracking a few of these showers. Downpours arrive by midday, and I think we're going to hold downpours into the forecast for much of the evening and into the night before we start to clear out heading into Monday.

Now it's not only the half-inch to inch of rain-- I think a widespread probably inch of rain for many of us-- but it's also going to be those wind gusts. So if you are heading out today, low 60s, mid to upper 50s tomorrow, if you're hitting the links prepare for British Open-type conditions for tomorrow with the rain, the wind. If you're hitting it into the rough, good luck. That's-- I'm a pro at hitting into the rough. I know.

We do have those wind gusts for Sunday. Look at this, 45 to 55 miles per hour, potentially high wind warning type criteria there. Then another storm system for Thursday and into Friday that we'll be watching very closely.

Seven-day forecast has the nice conditions for today. Back into the upper 40s for Monday. And you're at 60 degrees for Tuesday.