WBZ Morning Forecast For March 28

Jacob Wycoff has your latest weather forecast.

Video Transcript

JACOB WYCOFF: Back home we're dealing with a wind advisory for all of Southern New England. Notice the start time of this, 11:00 PM tonight to 8:00 PM Monday. I think that some of the strong winds could start as early as this afternoon.

So let's go ahead and bring those patio umbrellas out that-- bring them back in, that you took out the past couple of days. Winds gusting up to 55 miles per hour. We will see some strong winds not only into the afternoon, but also into the overnight.

That's where we could see most of our strong winds. You see 35 to 40 miles per hour as we go into Monday. Same story into Monday afternoon too. So we're going to have this extended period of strong winds over the next few hours. And we do have a decent risk of some power outages, especially along the cape in the islands, where we could see some isolated gusts over 55 miles per hour.

Now, our satellite and radar are dry right now. Some clouds around. If you head outside and look at the moon, like [? Kaitlyn ?] probably is right now, she's seeing that full moon, like you are. We will see the clouds thicken up certainly as you go further into the morning.

I think our first rain drops are arriving by about, let's say, 10:00 AM or so. And then picking up in its intensity as you go further into the morning and then into the afternoon. We're going to have multiple rounds, even a chance for a thunderstorm in some spots.

Upper 50s, but it's going to take a little while to get to that 58-degree mark. Notice how we slowly stairstep upwards. Best chance for rain arriving into the afternoon. Notice those winds, gusty too.

Our rainfall forecast, pretty widespread. Half inch to inch for many of us, a good drink of water for those plants that you may have already put in the ground. Our thunderstorm outlook also shows the chance for some isolated thunderstorms as you go into the Connecticut River Valley, also into southern Berkshire County.

For us, the thunderstorm risk is a little bit less as you go further to the east in southern New England. Any lines of convection that move through are showing signs that they likely will weaken, but something that we will certainly be watching for here in the WBZ Weather Center.

So there's your round of rain, downpours. This is the cold front that's going to push through, maybe a thunderstorm associated with that. So that would be really after dark that we would have that thunderstorm risk.

Behind this, cooler air filters in, staying windy for your Monday. Unfortunately, we're only going to see highs in the upper 40s for Monday, feeling more like the 30s in many cases. And your jet stream pattern shows there's your cold shot on Monday.

Another nice cold shot heading into Thursday and Friday. Your seven-day forecast actually has temperatures only in the upper 30s and low 40s for Friday, so it does have some chilly air to start out the month of April. Nick.