WBZ Morning Forecast For May 29

David Epstein has your latest weather forecast.

Video Transcript

- And as you can see, it is not an ideal start to our Memorial Day weekend. It's rainy and much colder than it's been. And Dave, you were telling me that we could hit a record cold high today. Did I get that right?

DAVID EPSTEIN: Yeah, exactly. It's confusing because when we talk about record cold, you often think of how cold it gets overnight. But there's also-- the temperature goes up during the day usually. If it only reaches a certain level, that's a record cold high. The record cold high for today is 49 set back in 1917.

It's unlikely, actually, that we're not going to set a new record because we're already at 49. But I think we'll probably go to 50 or 51. Still one of the coldest May 29th on record, and it's one of those weekends where you've got to be inside.

Yesterday, I spent-- I don't even tell you how many hours I was outside moving stuff around because I had just everything strewn around the garden. So I'm moving containers and pots and I'm putting things that aren't in the ground yet underneath cover because it's so cold. I actually had to move this plant in that my grandmother used to grow that's down in floodwall. She's gone, but the plants was came from Florida. That's inside now.

50 degrees this afternoon with the cool weather. 54 tomorrow with the cool weather. Things that are in the ground though-- if you have tomatoes and you planted your peppers and all that, don't worry about them. They'll be fine. It's only a couple of days of this cold weather. This is why we don't plant in late April, even though we have mild weather sometimes around them because we don't want this cold weather to last too long. This year, it didn't. But in some years, it can.

Sun up tomorrow at 5:10, down tomorrow at 8:13. Down today at about 8:12. And those 8 o'clock sunsets are going to last all the way until early August. By then, the sun will be coming up a little bit later at 5:40 in the morning. So I will not have to get up at 4:30 to catch the sunrise. I'm kind of looking forward to that a little bit, I'm not to lie.

Low pollen counts over the next couple of days because of all the rain. It'll start to bump up again on Tuesday. And by Wednesday and Thursday of the upcoming week, it'll get back into the high range. But we're not going to get back to where we were prior to the rain because the trees now are lessening the amount of pollen that they are emitting.

So I was just telling Anna we're at 1.91 inches of rain now when you combine yesterday's with today. So we've had just about another inch of rain here after 1 o'clock in the morning. So we're now, to date, we're up around-- if I add it up, we're getting close to 4 inches of rain. And we will probably be over 4 inches of rain for the month. And that'll be the first amount of rain that's over 4 inches since 2006 in May. And back then, we had about a foot of rain. We're not going to get a foot of rain. Don't worry about that.

We will be below average in terms of temperatures today and tomorrow and probably Monday as well as the temperature will not reach 70 degrees. So the headlines for today do show the showers around the area. It's cold, it's damp. And we're going to be cold for tonight as well relative to average temperatures.

And there you go with the 7 day forecast. Anna, you're going to have to wait till Wednesday, Tuesday and Wednesday, to get back into the 70s. But pretty nice by then. Humidity at the end of the week.