WBZ Morning Weather For February 20

Jacob Wycoff have your latest weather forecast.

Video Transcript

ANA MEILER: --44 on your Saturday morning. Taking a live look at the rotary on Cape Cod. You can see it's covered in snow. There are still a few flurries flying out there, but Jacob, the sun is going to make an appearance eventually this weekend.

JACOB WYCOFF: Yes. So the song "Sun Will Come Out Tomorrow." I think actually the sun will come out this afternoon--

ANA MEILER: Ooh, thanks.

JACOB WYCOFF: --for many of us. Yeah. So we will see that sunshine after we get through some of the clouds that are lingering. Some snowflakes still falling. You know, with the last 48 hours, Boston picking up 5.7 inches of snow. That's boosted us over the average mark of 14.4 for the month.

The last time we had an above average snowfall in the month of February was 2017. So it's been a few years since we've had a snowy February. And unfortunately, I was eliminated earlier this month. Sarah Wroblewski now eliminated. So now it is a showdown between Zack Green, our morning meteorologist, and also our weather producer Terry Eliasen.

38.2 inches is what his forecast is. He's right now in the lead, but it is a neck and neck showdown. As we go into the rest of the winter, we'll see how that shapes out.

We do have some snow still falling for parts of the Cape, getting a lot of pictures. And thank you to all of our viewers. I am now basically swimming in pictures of Cape Cod in the snowy scenes out there. Still some snowflakes as you go towards the Rotary and finally winding down through parts of Bristol and Plymouth county. The back edge of this is pushing on through.

There are some snowflakes falling in the Merrimack Valley as you go to the north up towards Lowell and Haverhill. You're seeing some of the last snowflakes, too. But by and large, it is done for us. This is now just a minor, if any, accumulations.

We will see the clearing, already seeing that through parts of western Mass. This will be pushing in our direction. So the sunshine shall return. We're back into the middle 30s for afternoon highs.

Notice that wind out of the Northwest 10 to 20, feeling more like the 20s into the afternoon. So that's what you're preparing for tomorrow. The wind will be a little bit lighter so we're not worried as much about that wind chill.

You see the sunshine for today, a mixture of sun and clouds. Clear overnight and we're back into the sunshine for tomorrow. Pretty nice day for tomorrow back into the mid 30s, but with less wind. The pick of the weekend will be Sunday.

High pressure relents. Our next storm system moves in for the second half of Monday and into early Tuesday, initially starting out as some snow for us, especially north and west outside of 495. Boston, you're mainly rain with this system.

We get a nice, mild surge with this. Behind it we stay actually fairly mild. Best chance for any sort of accumulations. Potentially, plowable snow would be in the northwest hills as you go into the Berkshires. As you get closer to Boston, we may pick up some light flurries, maybe a coating, but pretty quickly changing over to some rain.

And then our jet stream pattern looking ahead is one that allows warm air to build in. So what does that mean? We actually have some spring-like conditions as you go into the middle of the week. Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday back into the mid 40s for each of those days. Our only chance for precipitation, widespread precipitation, would be on Monday with highs near 40 degrees, likely a snow changing over to rain. Ana.

ANA MEILER: I'm ignoring Monday. I'm just focusing on Wednesday 'cause that looks great. Jacob, thank you.