WBZ News Update For April 10

Nick Emmons and Jacob Wycoff have your latest news and weather headlines.

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NICK EMMONS: I'm Nick Emmons with a WBZ News Update. Here are our top stories. Boston University is the latest school to require students to get vaccinated before they are allowed on campus this fall. The first Boston school to require vaccinations was North-Eastern, be used as exemptions will be made for medical or religious reasons.

This weekend, marks the final educator-only days at the state's mass vaccination sites. Today and tomorrow appointments at these seven sites across the state are reserved for teachers and school staff. Over the past three weekends, the state set aside about 25,000 vaccine appointments for teachers and staff.

The RMV inspection system will be down for at least another week. The registry doesn't expect the processing system to be up and running again until the 17th after it was hit by a malware attack more than a week ago. Police will not issue tickets to drivers with expired March stickers. There will also be a grace period once the system is working again. Now, let's get a check of the forecast with meteorologist Jacob Wycoff. Hey, Jacob.

JACOB WYCOFF: Hey, Nick. We're expecting some good sunshine the later into the afternoon we go. Some partly cloudy skies at least initially, and even a couple of raindrops here or there that will dissipate. Expecting a really nice day overall. Mid to low 70s for most of us right along the shoreline in the coastlines. We could see some 60s, and maybe even upper 50s, but you see that nice stairstep upwards. It's not until we get into tomorrow that our rain chances in our pattern changes around. There's lot of clouds low to mid 50s.

And we're going to hold rain chances in the forecast really throughout the extended seven day forecast. The best chance of rain will be Sunday and towards the end of the week. But we do have those daily chances. Nick?

- All right, thanks Jacob.

NICK EMMONS: I'm Nick Emmons. This has been a WBZ News Update. Have a great day.


JACOB WYCOFF: All right, all right, all right. Sounds good. In 3, 2. Good Saturday, everyone. Hope you have a chance to go out and enjoy today. You know, it's been a great week overall. Let's be honest with a lot of sunshine. 60s, even 70s in some spots. I think the warmth, actually peaking today. 70s inland once again.

Tomorrow much cooler air returning to the area. And that means our pattern kind of shifting to when you hear the phrase April showers. That sort of pattern setting up over the next 7 to 14 days or so. Hopefully, we can get some good rain, because we have just been bone dry over the last 10 days.

Partly cloudy, we'll call it mostly sunny into the afternoon. But definitely very mild throughout the day today. Heading into tomorrow, we will see the clouds sticking around. And I do think we will see some rain later in the day. This is 4 o'clock. Notice how most of the rain is to our South and West. There will be a bulk-- the bulk of the rain will stay to the South and West. But I still think we get in on some of the rain Sunday late and into Monday. We're holding rain chances in the forecast through the extended forecast.

Now, that doesn't mean it's a washout of a week. Doesn't mean there's going to be heavy rain. In fact, our rain chances totals overall will be on the lower side. Unfortunately, it's just going to be one of those grayer weeks, not a lot of sunshine looking ahead. And that's one reason why our drought monitor went from 50% of the commonwealth under abnormally dry conditions to about 75%.

So we're seeing those dry conditions growing. And the reason this is important is, this is a precursor to moderate drought. And that's when we start to see water restrictions or water bans put into place back in September and October of last year. Some place is actually seeing some extreme and severe drought. We don't want to go down that path. But it is looking like we do have a drier pattern looking ahead overall.

Not a lot of rain throughout today. We saw a lot of those showers kind of drying up. A couple of sprinkles through Bristol county and Worcester county before they dried up. We're in the 50s right now on our way to the 60s and 70s throughout the day today. The further into the day we go, the better chance for some sunshine will be around.

Here's how it looks on our future cast model. Cool air, actually going to spill in from our North and East. And cold air kind of stubborn, kind of dense. It doesn't want to move all that much. And so this is going to be just kind of sticking around for the next seven days or so. But over the next 48 hours, I think this is a little bit bullish when it comes to our rain totals. I think we could just see maybe a 10th of an inch, maybe up to a quarter of an inch through Monday. Not amounting to all that much, but definitely not a lot of sunshine.

And looking ahead at the seven day forecast, not a lot of sunshine into the next seven days. Some late showers Sunday into Monday, maybe a couple of scattered sprinkles Monday and Tuesday. Mainly cloudy for Wednesday and more showers possible Thursday and Friday. And temperatures very seasonable. We're talking about mid to upper 50s in many spots, which is about average for this time of year.