WBZ News Update For April 11, 2021

Nick Giovanni and Jacob Wycoff have your latest news and weather headlines.

Video Transcript

NICK GIOVANNI: Thanks for joining us. I'm Nick Giovanni with the WBZ News Update. Our top stories begin with Boston Police searching for the person who shot and killed a grandmother in Dorchester. Investigators believe the woman in her 70s was hit by a stray bullet around 6 o'clock last night on Olney Street. Police say the grandmother was sitting on her front porch when shots were fired.

NICK GIOVANNI: As more people become eligible for the COVID-19 vaccine, new concerns about supply meeting demand in Massachusetts. Shipments of the Johnson & Johnson single dose vaccine are going to be down by 80% this week we've learned. This is because of production issues. Massachusetts expecting to get just over 12,000 doses this week. Again, a significant drop from previous weeks.

NICK GIOVANNI: A three alarm fire heavily damaged a multi-family home in Lawrence. And by the time firefighters pulled up to Osgood Street yesterday morning, residents were already out of the building. Fast moving flames forced crews to fight from the outside only. Fortunately, no one was hurt. Investigators blaming this fire on the careless disposal of cigarettes. That's the second such fire in a week for Lawrence.

NICK GIOVANNI: Now for a check of the forecast, here's meteorologist, Jacob Wycoff.

JACOB WYCOFF: Nick, our streak of above average temperatures coming to an end today. We hit 78 degrees in Boston. That was the warmest day in 2021. We do have the clouds that have moved on in that blanket of clouds preventing any sort of sunshine today, and we may be able to squeeze out a couple of raindrops the later in the day we go. Highs today, upper 40s low 50s for many of us, and our rain chances do increase into the overnight and through Monday. Our 7 Day Forecast looks like this. Temperatures stuck in the 50s. I think some places on Monday stuck in the upper 40s for afternoon highs. Your 7 Day Forecast does show maybe a little bit of brighter conditions heading towards the end of the week, but still stuck in the 50s, Nick.

NICK GIOVANNI: Jacob, thank you. This has been a WBZ News Update. Have a great Sunday.