WBZ News Update For April 4

Ken MacLeod and Sarah Wroblewski have your latest news and weather headlines.

Video Transcript


KEN MACLEOD: Hi everyone, and welcome to this WBZ Web Update. I'm Ken MacLeod and here are some of the stories making news right now. Tomorrow is a big day for many students and teachers all across the state, with schools set to return to in-person learning full time. It'll start with elementary students, except in the handful of communities like Boston and Worcester that were given a waiver by the state to comply later. Schools will have socially-distanced classrooms with desks at least three feet apart. Several schools are setting up outdoor tents for lunch and even some classes.

Thousands more Massachusetts residents are set to become eligible for a vaccine tomorrow. People 55 and older and those with one high-risk medical condition can start making appointments tomorrow. The state has also changed which conditions qualify to match CDC guidelines. The list now includes people with dementia, Type 1 diabetes, HIV, and those dealing with substance abuse. Eligibility for all residents 16 and older will kick in on April 19th.

Firefighters made pretty quick work of a blaze in Hyde Park this afternoon. Smoke was first spotted coming out of an attached garage at the house on Grassmere Road, but the flames then spread to the home itself before firefighters were able to douse them. We don't yet know what caused the fire, but we do know that no one was hurt.

How about a check of that forecast now? Easter Sunday was sure pretty out there. Meteorologist Sarah Wroblewski is here now. She has that and also, of course, a look ahead.

SARAH WROBLEWSKI: Yeah, temperatures today into the lower 60s in Boston, about 10 degrees above average. Just fantastic with sunshine. We'll see mainly clear skies overnight through the interior, but some clouds along the coast and temperatures will be back into the upper 30s to lower 40s. And at the bus stop tomorrow, we'll see some coastal clouds, temperatures in the 40s. But once again, we'll be above average climbing through the 50s to near 60 degrees inland, where we'll see the best of the sunshine.

The reason why is, while we've got the system off of our coast, it will sort of back into the area, meaning, along the coast, as we go through the day, we'll see some clouds as well as perhaps some spot drizzle or even a shower. And that trend will be with us through not just Monday but also Tuesday as the storm system meanders off the coast. It will weaken and pull away on Tuesday and high pressure will begin to win out, meaning we'll see more of a mix of sun and clouds and dry conditions.

But that will be the trend as we go on through the week. The seven day forecast pretty fantastic. Upper 50s to low 60s, brighter skies through midweek. And then we'll see the clouds increase late week ahead of perhaps our next chance of some showers, but doesn't look all that impactful right now, for the early start of next weekend. Ken?

KEN MACLEOD: I agree. Looks pretty fantastic. I'll go along with that. All right, Sarah. Thanks. That is a check of your top stories from cbsboston.com. Hope you have a great night. We'll see you next time.