WBZ News Update For June 10

Breana Pitts and Jacob Wycoff have your latest news and weather headlines.

Video Transcript


BREANA PITTS: Thanks for joining us. I'm Breana Pitts with the WBZ News update. Our top stories, Worcester Police Officer Manny Familia has been laid to rest. In an extraordinary honor, thousands of police officers from around the country came to Worcester today to pay respects to the 38-year-old officer who died while attempting to save the life of a 14-year-old boy. Officer Familia leaves his wife Jennifer. The couple was married for 22 years, and they had two teenage children.

Vaccine maker Moderna has requested an emergency use authorization for its COVID-19 vaccine in adolescence. The Cambridge based biotech company made the move with the Food and Drug Administration today. Moderna their COVID-19 vaccine is highly effective in their tests on the younger population. Company says the vaccine efficacy in the nearly 2,500 people who received the vaccine was observed to be 100% effective.

And there was a celestial happening in the sky early this morning. Our cameras were rolling in Lynn when the moon eclipsed the sun, and the eclipse was visible through the clouds today. This was the scene at around 5:30 when the partial solar eclipse was peaking. And New England wasn't the prime area to see what astronomers call the Ring of Fire, that viewing spot was actually in North Carolina. Now let's get a check of your forecast with meteorologist Jacob Wycoff.

JACOB WYCOFF: Breana, we have much more comfortable air in place after some chillier temperatures built in overnight. We're back into the mid to late 70s, upper 60s in some spots. But the big difference is the lower dew points. That humidity that you felt over the last few days, that is gone and it's going to remain with dry air over the next few. Dew points are in the 40s.

We do have waves of high cirrus clouds passing on through, so we'll call it filtered sunshine throughout the day today. But the important thing is we are dry, no rain chances today or tomorrow. As we run through Future Cast you can see the dry weather that's expected for today and into the start of Friday.

Our forecast for today takes us up into the mid 70s in many spots, no rain chances. And the seven day forecast shows the next couple of days will be dry. We introduce rain chances into the forecast heading into Saturday. Late Sunday into Monday, probably the best chance to get some rain for the widespread area. And another rain chance heading into Tuesday.

There's your seven day forecast. No 90s on the board, fortunately for us. Breana?

BREANA PITTS: OK. Jacob, thank you. I'm Breana Pitts. This has been a WBZ News update. Have a great day.