WBZ News Update For June 5

Ken MacLeod and Sarah Wroblewski have your latest news and weather headlines.

Video Transcript


KEN MACLEOD: Hi, everyone. And welcome to this WBZ web update. I'm Ken MacLeod. And here are some of the stories making news right now.

One of two wounded Braintree police officers wounded in a gun battle yesterday has been released from the hospital. 34-year-old Matthew Donahue got a hero's salute from fellow officers as he was discharged from Boston Medical Center. Donahue and a comrade were shot as police pursued a domestic violence suspect into the woods near a Braintree apartment complex. The suspect was shot dead but only after a police dog was fatally shot.

Voters on Nantucket have shot down a proposal that would have limited short-term rentals. Supporters of that measure argued that such rentals undermined affordable housing on the tiny vacation island. But it got strong opposition from tourism promoters, property owners, and real estate professionals who insisted it would limit visitors, thereby costing the Island millions in tourist dollars. The Alliance to Protect Nantucket Economy says the measure was shot down by a two to one margin at today's town meeting.

Boston's Acting Mayor Kim Janey is declaring a heat emergency. It starts Sunday. We'll see temperatures surge into the 90s for a couple of days anyway, maybe as many as four or five. Cooling centers like this one at the Tynan Elementary School in South Boston will stay open Sunday through Tuesday.

All right, let's get a check on that forecast now, pretty hot stuff. Meteorologist Sarah Wroblewski joins us now. She's got more on that.

SARAH WROBLEWSKI: Yeah. It only takes three days in a row of 90-degree heat to make it an official heat wave. And it looks as though that's what we're expecting, as we hit 91 today, expecting the mid-90s Sunday and Monday, and potentially could see 90s again for Tuesday into Wednesday. We had three heat waves last year. But this one definitely will be coming the earliest.

Now, as we take a look at the conditions, temperatures are beginning to drop, as we have a very mild evening. And you may even hear a few rumbles of thunder across northern Massachusetts, southeastern parts of New Hampshire. And most of this activity will continue to shift southeastward and off the coast. But just keep that in mind that there still could be a passing shower or a thunderstorm for any grilling plans before we clear out tonight.

And temperatures? Well, they're going to stay mild, in the 60s to near 70 degrees. Some areas of fog along the south coast, cape, and islands. But it's a warm one to start tomorrow morning and a hot one by the afternoon. We're talking temperatures into the mid-90s. The high UV index as well, with mostly sunny skies.

One thing you'll notice too, a little bit higher humidity and a little bit lighter wind today. So it's just going to feel a lot hotter if you're going to be outside. The heat continues into early next week again, hazy as well as well as higher humidity. Tuesday into Wednesday, we could be tracking a few showers and storms. And then cooler weather arrives as we finish off the weekend.

KEN MACLEOD: All right, Sarah, thanks. And that is a check of your top stories from cbsboston.com. Hope you have a great night. And we'll see you next time.