WBZ News Update For March 20

Beautiful Spring Weather; Charlestown Shooting; Shrewsbury Mother And Daughter Found Dead; State Tax Deadline Extended.

Video Transcript


ANNA MEILER: I'm Anna Meiler with a WBZ news update. Our top stories, Boston police are investigating a deadly shooting in Charlestown. This is the scene on Mystic Place, which is a small, dead end road off of Cook Street. Officials say a man was shot and killed inside of a home just after 3 o'clock this morning. The investigation is ongoing. No word yet on any arrests.

A 12-year-old girl and her mother were found dead inside their home. Police were called to a home on Ladyslipper Drive around 7:30 yesterday morning. Investigators say the father and son were inside the home at the time, but they are not considered suspects. Police say there is no threat to the public.

Massachusetts residents will have an extra month to file state taxes. Lawmakers have pushed the filing date to May 17. That now matches the new deadline the IRS set this week for federal taxes. It's an automatic extension, so there's no need to file any special paperwork other than your return.

And now let's get a check of the forecast with meteorologist Jacob Wycoff. It's the first official day of spring, and we are lucky, because it's going to feel like it.

JACOB WYCOFF: Oh, yeah, and a ton of sunshine on the way. You see no clouds showing up on our satellite and radar. That's going to be the trend for the next three days. Saturday, Sunday, Monday. No clouds in the sky, temperatures in the upper 50s for today, very comfortable, feeling like spring for the first day of spring, continuing those nice conditions into Sunday, Monday, and even into the middle part of the week, adding a few more clouds.

Our next chance for rain arriving Thursday night, and into Friday. So there's a check of your seven day forecast. Anna?

ANNA MEILER: All right, Jacob. Thank you. I'm Anna Meiler. This has been a WBZ News update. Have a great Saturday.