WBZ News Update For March 20

Ken MacLeod and Sarah Wroblewski have your latest news and weather headlines.

Video Transcript


KEN MACLEOD: Hi, everyone, and welcome to this WBZ web update. I'm Ken MacLeod, and here are some of the stories making news right now. An elderly man and woman have been killed in their Methuen home, apparently by carbon monoxide fumes.

First responders were summoned to this home on Holly Street at about 11 o'clock this morning by the couple's son and a neighbor. The victims were both in their 80s. At this point, no names have been released. And we do not know the source of the deadly gas.

A day after a mother and daughter were found dead in their Shrewsbury home, investigators are still withholding the name of the 12-year-old girl. But they are naming the mom as 49-year-old Jihyun Lee.

Beyond that, police are still saying nothing about the circumstances that unfolded at 18 Ladyslipper Drive. The woman's husband and son were both home at the time the 911 call was made. But investigators say neither one is a suspect. Police called the scene difficult and are waiting on autopsy results. They have said there is no threat to the public.

Taking a look now at the latest coronavirus numbers, nearly 1,900 new cases confirmed today. As more than 58,000 doses of vaccine were administered. 588 people remain hospitalized with the virus. And 29 new deaths were reported. The positivity rate has again ticked up slightly, now just under 2%.

Let's get a check on that forecast now. It's the first day of spring, and we are off and running on a gorgeous sunny stretch. Meteorologist Sarah Wroblewski has the pleasure of explaining that.

SARAH WROBLEWSKI: Yeah, phenomenal, right? We've got this sunny, dry pattern, cool, chilly nights, clear skies. And it's going to be a typical setup next week, where while we'll climb well above average, at the coast it will be a little bit cooler.

We notice that down across the South Coast, Cape, and islands today, with temperatures in the 40s with that wind off the water. But it did hit 60 degrees in Boston. In the 50s this evening and expecting temperatures to drop. As we do have clear skies. In fact, not a cloud in the sky with high pressure in control.

So with light winds and clear skies, you get temperatures to drop pretty quickly. Back into the 20s and 30s is what I'm expecting, a little bit milder at the coast. And so when you get out the door tomorrow, keep in mind, there will be a chill to the air. But it will be bright. That sun rises at 6:45.

Sunshine carries us through the day. As temperatures climb into the lower 60s. But again, with local sea breezes, it will be just a tad cooler at the coast with highs mainly in the 50s for the South Coast, Cape, and islands. Even Boston may tap into that lower 60 degree range before that sea breeze kicks on in.

Keep in mind, if you're going to be outdoors, the pollen levels-- they'll be increasing. And they stay high through the week because this dry pattern stays with us. Our next chance of precipitation looks to come late in the week. But look at this stretch. Temperatures in the 30s to start, 60s in the afternoon.

A little bit cooler with some clouds for Wednesday, but tracking an isolated shower Thursday ahead of a better chance of some scattered showers, our really only rain chance this entire week on Friday, Ken.

KEN MACLEOD: That works for me, Sarah. I don't know about everybody else. I suspect the same for them. That is a check on your top stories from CBSBoston.com. Hope you have a great night. We'll see you next time.