WBZ News Update For March 21, 2021

Nick Emmons and Jacob Wycoff have your latest news and weather headlines.

Video Transcript

NICK EMMONS: Thanks for joining us. I'm Nick Emmons with a WBZ News Update. Here are our top stories. A man and woman in their 80s were found dead in their Methuen home. And officials suspect a carbon monoxide leak inside the Holly Street home is to blame. Neighbors tell WBZ the couple had lived in the home for decades. Investigators are still looking into exactly what caused the leak. Tomorrow, 850,000 more Massachusetts residents will become eligible for the vaccine. Residents 60 and older and many essential workers, including restaurant and grocery store employees, transit workers, and public works employees can all make an appointment.

On April 5, residents 55 and older and those with one medical condition can do the same. Then on April 19, all adults 16 and older will be eligible. And Massachusetts will enter the new normal tomorrow, as the fourth and final reopening phase begins. Stadiums, arenas, and ballparks can open at 12% capacity. The limits on gatherings will increase as well to 100 people indoors and 150 people outdoors. Dancing will also be allowed at weddings and other events. Now let's get a check of the forecast with Meteorologist Jacob Wycoff. Hey, Jacob.

JACOB WYCOFF: Hey, Nick. A lot of sunshine throughout the day today. That's certainly not going to be an issue. A big dome of high pressure keeping us nice and clear, also going to help to boost our temperatures back into the mid to low 60s for our afternoon highs. So a top 10 weather day. Dry and sunny, nothing to worry about as we go into tomorrow, either back into the low 60s, mid to low 60s for our highs tomorrow. And we're going to keep on the clear skies heading into at least the first half of Tuesday. We will see a few increasing clouds the second half of Tuesday and into Wednesday.

Still staying on the mild side though, about 10 to 12 degrees above average for Wednesday. Mid to upper 60s for Thursday. And a chance for rain arriving into Friday. So this is your very mild, springlike 7-day forecast. Nick.

NICK EMMONS: All right, Jacob, thank you. I'm Nick Emmons. This has been a WBZ News Update. Have a great day.