WBZ News Update For March 28, 2021

Nick Giovanni and Jacob Wycoff have your latest news and weather headlines.

Video Transcript


NICK GIOVANNI: Thanks for joining us. I'm Nick Giovanni with a "WBZ News" update. Our top stories begin with a Massachusetts man under arrest accused of killing his girlfriend on a beach in York, Maine.

Police say they found the body of 35-year-old Ronda Paterena behind a large rock. Officers then arrested her boyfriend, 33-year-old Jeffrey Buchanan. Now, the couple lived in Bedford and have a child together. Buchanan is due in court Monday.

State health officials expressing concern about more COVID variants popping up on the Cape. They've now seen 20 confirmed cases they say of the Brazil variant and one case of the UK variant. That's the highest variant rate in the state. Health officials there now asking Governor Baker's office for more vaccine doses to try and slow the variant spread.

As of today, Fenway Park is no longer a mass vaccination site. CICD health gave out its last COVID-19 vaccine yesterday. Fenway is now turning its attention to the Red Sox home opener, which is Thursday. In all, more than 56,000 people received their shots at Fenway.

Now, for a check of the forecast, here's meteorologist Jacob Wycoff.

JACOB WYCOFF: Nick, so we're watching some showers that will arrive as you go into the midday and certainly into the afternoon and evening. And some of these showers will be heavy at times, initially seeing some over the Cayman Islands. But the main event is pushing through the Poconos on its way towards us here in southern New England. So if it's not raining yet, get those errands done by noontime or so.

The rain will be over spreading the entire area. We're going to slowly rise into the upper 50s. It's going to take a little while to get there. And the wind, especially for the southeastern coast, the Cape, the islands, will be gusty this afternoon.

Everyone gets in on some of the wind gusts overnight. And that's when our wind advisory officially goes into effect at 11 o'clock tonight through much of Monday. Winds gusting 55 plus miles per hour. So we could see some widespread wind damage, too. Something to watch for as you go into tonight tomorrow.

We're only in the upper 40s for tomorrow. It's feeling more like the 30s with the wind. Upper 50s to near 60 degrees Tuesday. Mid 60s for Wednesday.

Red Sox home opener on Thursday afternoon. Hopefully some of that rain will die down by the time we get into Thursday. So there's a check of your seven-day forecast. Nick.

NICK GIOVANNI: Jacob, thank you. It's been a "WBZ News" update. Have a great Sunday.