How to Wear a Scrunchie Without Looking Like a Teenager

Jennifer Aldrich

If you've noticed people rocking thick, billowy fasteners around their ponytail, bun, or even a braid, that's because scrunchies are officially back. The hair accessory was first invented in the 1960s, but it took off during the '80 and '90s thanks to the brand Scunci, according to The Atlantic. Fast forward several decades later, and scrunchies are back.

A 2020 report by Pinterest reveals searches for "hair scrunchie" increased a whopping 6309%, specifically for those made of silk, leather, and other elevated materials. On Google, queries for "scrunchie" went from nearly nothing to steadily rising since late 2018 and peaked toward the end of this past year. NPR also reports that the hair accessories brand Goody noted scrunchies sold eight times faster than any other product in 2019.

There's certainly nothing wrong with the old versions, but today's scrunchies are new and improved. They're now made in a variety of colors and prints that work for the office, the gym, and even date night. They're an easy (and relatively affordable) way to enhance your updo and complement your outfit. Here are eight stylish options to try the trend out for yourself.

Slip Silk Scrunchies

If you wear your hair up often, Slip's scrunchies will be your saving grace. The silk material doesn't tug on your strands, so you don't have to worry about breakage (unlike traditional elastics). As a bonus, this option is comfortable enough to wear to bed.

Buy It: $39 for 3-pack, Saks Fifth Avenue

Ganni Silk Scrunchie

Animal prints are in, according to Google searches, but if you're not ready to commit to thoroughly looking like a leopard, give this option a try. The playful print adds a fun spin to any outfit, especially a little black dress. It's made from shimmery silk that's gentle on hair.

Buy It: $25, ShopBop

Corduroy Scrunchies

Believe it or not, corduroy first came about in the ancient Egyptian city of Al-Fustat, according to Atlas Obscura. The ribbed fabric has been trending on and off ever since, and we suspect it's going to become popular again, so get ahead of the crowd with these scrunchies that come in five colors. Although a single one sells for $4.48, you can buy a set of three for just $10.33.

Buy It: $4.48, Etsy

Uplifting Scrunchie

Sweaty strands and tough workouts are no match for this hair tie. It's made of quick-drying material and will stay put, even through long periods of exercise. It's available in 17 colors and is machine-washable.

Buy It: $8, Lululemon

Rosie Printed Scrunchie

No, florals aren't groundbreaking for spring, but they are apt for the upcoming season. This feminine option, which is available in three colors, features a bow knot at the top. It's a dual-trend piece in one.

Buy It: $8, Free People

Jet Velvet Crystal Scrunchie

Yes, you can rock a scrunchie in the evening. Put your hair in an updo and add this rhinestone-encrusted option for your next date night. If you prefer a brighter elastic, there's an ivory version made adorned with pearls.

Buy It: $35, Lele Sadoughi

Days Of The Week Scrunchie Set

If you're ready to commit to the scrunchie trend, opt for this set that includes five different ties. Each one is made of a soft polyester and spandex mix that won't pull your hair out. Urban Outfitters sells four different sets, including orange, red floral (pictured), neutral, and satin.

Buy It: $8, Urban Outfitters

Lambskin Leather Scrunchie

Show off your edgier side with this cool leather version that comes in three colors: black, red, and white. We recommend wearing it with a power suit to amp up your office attire.

Buy It: $35, Rag & Bone