Weather Update: Above Average Temperature Trend

Llarisa Abreu reports.

Video Transcript

JANELLE BURRELL: So Llarisa, today is the type of afternoon where if you don't have outdoor plans, you got to make some. Because it's just too good to waste. 10 out of 10 today, Llarisa.

LLARISA ABREU: really nice out there, Janelle. Today is going to be the perfect day, so that you and I go to lunch. We leave Jim wherever he is and we just head outside. How about it? Tell me after the show. Take a look at wind speeds right now. They're out of the northwest and they're ranging between 10 and 15 miles an hour. And much like yesterday, that wind will be noticeable, especially in some spots. And toward the afternoon, we're going to be watching sporadic wind gusts closer to 20 miles an hour. But that shouldn't deter you from heading outside, because take a look at your hour by hour.

Temperatures later today topping out in the low 70s with abundant sunshine. It really does feel nice. And that wind or that breeze will feel even better especially if you are under the sun. Now as we head towards tonight, we're going to watch as clouds move in. And that's out ahead of our next disturbance. Here it is. It's really not amounting to too much. In fact, over the next several days, we have a chance for rain starting with tomorrow morning. Now this is not going to be a huge rainmaker for us, but it will bring us a little bit of spotty showers here as we head towards the day on Wednesday.

Take a look at 10:45 AM. This is tomorrow morning. And when I say spotty showers, I literally mean it. Just a few sprinkles around here for late morning. And then we should be drier as we approach the afternoon with clouds and some sun. So once again, not a huge rainmaker. By mid-morning, this thing is out of here. The afternoon-- partly sunny. We're dry Thursday. And then we're mostly dry in the day on Friday. We're going to try some more cloud cover. But we turn unsettled here Friday and into the weekend. We're also turning cooler.

The rain and the clouds won't let temperatures really climb. And that's going to be the story starting Friday and straight through the weekend. So let's recap a bit. Today, a high of 71, abundant sunshine. Certainly looking like the pick of the week. But guess what? We have several more days with really nice weather. Then morning shower possible and then afternoon sunshine for Wednesday. Thursday, another high of 71, making it a gorgeous afternoon. And then temperatures are cooler with a late day chance of rain, Janelle.

JANELLE BURRELL: All right, not too bad, Llarisa. We'll take it. Thank you so much.