Weather Calm After 5 Tornadoes Monday Night

There were five tornadoes in North Texas ranging from EF-0 to EF-2.

Video Transcript

- Let's get over to Scott Padgett, and have another look at what the weather's looking like.

SCOTT PADGETT: Thankfully, the weather, today, a little bit easier than last night. We are, of course, in the cleanup mode and the survey mode. Dallas Sky Cam, showing beautiful weather for us right now, 75 degrees. Winds are out of the north, northwest at 17. But let's talk about it, if you're just now joining us, the tornadoes from last night.

We had supercell storms moving through north Texas, and we just got this information in. The May 3 tornado is in Dallas County, 8:44 to 8:57 PM. The timing it was on the ground confirmed EF-2 tornado with winds, at one point, of 120 miles per hour.

As I mentioned just a few moments ago, the path was about 5.2 miles, and it was at 1.659 yards wide from near about five points to then crossing 35 to then over to Highway 77. If you missed the top of the newscast, also, looking at Collin County had a brief touchdown, a tornado between 741 and 743. And you have a zero tornado two miles west of Weston, some minor damage to trees, and also, some power lines coming down there.

And then we also talked about Hill County and Johnson County, confirming near Blum. Northwest of Blum, 130 mile per hour winds there. So that's the strongest portion and the strongest tornado that we have reported from last night between 718 to 729. The path was about 3.36 miles, and in Johnson County, a confirmed EF-0 tornado just east of Grandview. No damage reported from that, but the National Weather Service is continuing to analyze the data from last night, and look at any past and any storm spotter reports coming in.

Now, I keep talking about EF-0, EF-2, so let's break down those winds for you. In an EF-0, the winds are about 65 to 85 miles per hour, and then EF-2 is about 111 to 135 miles per hour. And it's estimated, so what the National Weather Service does, they look at the radar. They're able to go out and look at the actual damage caused from the tornado, and then they're able to estimate what those winds were.

So depending on-- and we saw, in some spots, roofs off, some walls down. We will see those wind damage reports go up a little bit more as those stronger winds. But right now, EF-0 and EF-2 tornadoes being reported from last night. OK, here's the radar for right now. I like this.

There's not a whole lot happening, and there's not going to be a whole lot happening as we go through the next few days. Nice and quiet, looking at the visible satellite, all of the storms now. And that severe weather is moving through Mississippi, moving through parts of Alabama, so that severe weather is there. As we take a look outside real fast, 76 degrees. Our winds out of the north, northwest at 14. Ken, coming up, I'll have more on the seven day forecast, which is looking pretty nice the next few days.

- We, finally, hear that. Scott, we'll see you in a bit. Thank you.