Illinois COVID vaccine expansion hampered by weather delays, small shipments

The preliminary 7-day statewide test positivity rate sits at 3.3%. On Thursday the state reported 1,966 virus cases and 72 deaths.

Video Transcript

- At Innovative Express Care, Dr. Rahul Khare has 60 doses of Moderna left. This is it. And that means hundreds of appointments will be canceled because Moderna shipments are delayed.

RAHUL KHARE: We're going to send out about 200 text messages with emails and a voicemail alerting people but also giving them the link to rebook next week. So you know, to me, we'll just do the right thing. We'll roll with it.

- The problem? The winter weather this week.

ALLISON ARWADY: You know, we can't control the weather. That's just the way it is.

- Chicago's top doctor explaining the problem on Facebook Live today-- the Pfizer vaccine, she said, comes from Kentucky. And since it needs ultra-cold storage, Chicago's health department and hospitals generally handle that vaccine. Moderna is shipped from Tennessee to Chicago, and Arwady said those shipments did not arrive Monday, Tuesday, or Wednesday.

ALLISON ARWADY: We are hopeful that the Moderna will be able to ship out today, meaning that we would expect it to be getting here tomorrow, but it could be Monday, even, right?

STACEY BACA: Statewide, the Illinois Department of Public Health expected to receive 365,000 doses from the federal government this week. And so far, they're confirming that they have received 55,000.

JB PRITZKER: Now, the federal government, obviously, with the latest couple of days of terrible weather across the nation, they've had a difficult time actually distributing the vaccine to the states.

STACEY BACA: Illinois is not alone. 22 states across the country have delayed or canceled vaccinations this week because of the weather. At Innovative Express Care, patients are relieved their appointments were not impacted.

MICHAEL GRAHAM: They called me this morning to confirm, so I was really relieved when I got that phone call.

STEVE HAMBURG: But pretty happy-- and I get my second dose on my birthday.

STACEY BACA: A race against time, and this week, the weather. On the North Side, Stacey Baca, ABC 7 Eyewitness News.