Weather delays pause some Arizona vaccine efforts

Arizona's state health director says delayed shipments of some COVID-19 vaccine doses could be arriving in the state next week, as extreme winter weather across broad swaths of the U.S. has slowed shipments of about 6 million doses nationwide. (Feb. 19)

Video Transcript

- How many doses of the Moderna vaccine were delayed because of the extreme weather, and when do you expect those Moderna vaccines to arrive?

CARA CHRIST: I believe that it was all of the doses of last week that were delayed. I'm looking to take a look, so about 89,000 doses. We expect them to probably arrive-- I haven't heard that anybody's gotten a notification of a weekend shipment.

So we are thinking that they're going to arrive next week about the same time as, potentially, next week's doses. So, hopefully we'll have a lot more Moderna in the state next week and can get to some of those appointments that were canceled.

The reason that it's impacting more so our rural counties is the Pfizer vaccine has some very, very stringent storage criteria. And so we have primarily allocated Pfizer to Pima and Maricopa county because those mass vaccination sites and our hospitals have the systems and the available storage to be able to administer the Pfizer vaccine, and we've saved our Moderna vaccine primarily for the rural counties as well as smaller providers in Maricopa and Pima County.