Weather Update: Fast And Furious Warm-Up

Kate Bilo reports.

Video Transcript

- Meteorologist Kate Bilo is here with a look at the taste of summer headed our way. We cannot wait.

KATE BILO: It is going to feel like we just transported right into July by Wednesday, and I know a lot of people love that kind of weather. It might be a little hot for some, at least, for the month of April, but a huge swing after today temperatures below average. We are going well above average by the middle of the week.

Tomorrow, the transition day between the two is my definition, at least, a perfect April day. Now, current conditions, right now, you can see we are below average, but we have added one degree to our high so far. So 62 is now our high thus far today. That's the current temperature.

Winds are out of the west, northwest, right now, sustained at about nine miles an hour with gusts to 18. These winds have dropped off a bit, even just in the past hour or so, and will continue to die off tonight. Once the sun goes down, we'll see the winds drop down to about 16 miles an hour. That's some gusts, and then overnight, wind gusts are pretty much negligible into tomorrow as well.

So the wind is not going to be a problem. Tonight, if you're doing some outdoor dining, it's 62 degrees. If you're getting ready to head out, you will want that light jacket. It's a little chilly out there with the breeze. Tomorrow, perfect. At dinnertime, 73, clear skies, lots of sun. Great night to sit outside.

Wednesday night, you might be sweating a little bit. You may want something cold, maybe a nice, cold beverage. 87 degrees, the dinner time temperature on Wednesday. That will also be the high for the day. Storms Scan 3 showing nothing going on locally.

That will be the case, at least, through tomorrow and through much of Wednesday as well. This next system, though, you can see a boundary to the north over the Northern Plains and a system just getting started here over the West Coast and into the Rockies. That's going to progress towards us slowly this week.

Out ahead of it, we'll start to see that heat pump as temperatures really worked their way up into the upper 80s, but then the end of the week does turn a little bit messy. 44, tonight. Mainly clear, quiet, and chilly. For tomorrow, we've got a high of 74. Perfection.

This is my goldstar day of the week. Hands down. Mostly sunny, nice and warm. It's a quick taste of summer, though, as we head into Wednesday. Highs surge into the 80s, upper 80s. Look how far north the jet stream is. It's still mild on Thursday, but then a cold front swings through early Friday.

And you can see we tap into a bubble of cooler air, and temperatures will drop just in time, sadly, for the weekend. Future Weather shows that boundary that I just showed you over the Northern Plains. It'll be north of our area on Wednesday. That's what's drawing in all that warm, moist air from the south.

Thursday starts with a few showers, and then we could see some clearing in the afternoon. But as we get into Friday, that's when the cold front comes through with showers and storms. Now, timing is still a bit up in the air with this late week rain. A couple of the models even have a few showers trying to get in by Wednesday.

I think it's most likely Thursday into early Friday, but this is certainly something to watch. Because it is going to bring about the change from feeling like summer to feeling like spring, again, for the first day of May. So the last four days of April are interesting. Beautiful, tomorrow. Hot on Wednesday. Scattered showers Thursday, perhaps, a thunderstorm Friday, and then it's a chilly, but bright, start to May. And we warm it up as we head into next week. We are headed back to the 70s.