Weather Update: Spotty Showers To Start The Week

Lauren Casey reports.

Video Transcript

- We have a warm week ahead of us, certainly, starting to feel more like the early days of summer. Lauren Casey, talking temperatures in the 80s. Hi, Lauren.

LAUREN CASEY: Hey, Joe. Yeah, we're talking 80s, and we're even talking some 90s.

- Wow, look at you.

LAUREN CASEY Yeah, we're bumping things up big time, but today, seasonable conditions. We're at 72 degrees, right now, in Philadelphia, 60s on the board in Wilmington. A lot of 60s across South Jersey, that sea breeze going. We're down to 63 degrees, right now, in Wildwood, 67 in Allentown, and calling in at 70 degrees, right now, in Trenton.

We do have a nice, seasonable day in store for tomorrow to kick off the workweek, a gorgeous Tuesday, and then we are heating things up big time as we head into midweek. I'm talking about 80s, mid 80s to upper 80s, and then 90s. Our first of the year, and we could have a couple of 90 degree days. But for right now, Storm Scan 3, showing us we're dealing with some scattered shower activity South and West of the city.

And we're even hearing a couple rumbles of thunder in Eastern Berks County, upper Bucks County over the last couple of hours. They're very slow moving in nature, but not really amounting to much in the way of rainfall accumulation. Central and southern Delaware seeing those showers persisting over the last couple of hours. At our main reporting sites, not too much going on.

Zero in Philadelphia. In fact, our rainiest day, so far, this month in Philly on the fifth and only 4/10 of an inch. We're running at about an inch in the deficit, so far, for the month, so we could use some rain. Probably not going to get it tonight. Maybe an isolated shower early. Otherwise, partly cloudy and calm.

We're down to 53 degrees, and then for our day tomorrow, right around average. Once again, a mix of sun and clouds, 75 degrees with maybe an isolated thundershower as we head into the afternoon. So we should see a good bit of sunshine tomorrow. Temperatures in the low 50s to start. We're in the low 60s by the nine o'clock hour.

Up to 75 degrees, our high temperature as we head into the afternoon, and then a mild evening in store with temperatures still in the middle 60s by 9:00 PM tomorrow. But we do have that summer like warmth on the way, some big time warmth coming. As we head into Tuesday, we'll see some 80s starting to show up across the Delaware and Lehigh Valley's.

Then as we head into Wednesday and Thursday, talking about the mid to upper 80s. That continues into Friday, and then by next Saturday, we are making a push at 90 degrees. And we could have another 90 degree day next Sunday as well. But otherwise, 75 degrees tomorrow.

Beautiful conditions on Tuesday. Low humidity, 79 degrees. The heat is on as we head towards the end of the week. The humidity will start to pick up, especially into Thursday and Friday. And then Saturday and Sunday could be quite steamy. The only thing to help cool off maybe on Saturday are best chance of showers and storms for the week ahead, Joe.

- Love it. Looks like a great day there, Lauren.