Weather Update: Spotty Storms Today

Llarisa Abreu reports.

Video Transcript

- Saw a lot of pictures on social media, [? Larissa, ?] with people posting what it looked like from their vantage point.

- Beautiful.

- Yeah.

- And when it's a complete solar eclipse, that's when you actually saw the ring of fire, which only happened further-- rather, in Russia.

- Ahh.

- That where-- so back in Europe is where they saw it, in Russia, places like that. But right here, it was just partial, which is why it was just, like, a sliver, almost as if someone took a bite of the sun. That's what it looked like here, which made it a partial solar eclipse.

Anyway, back here at home, we are tracking drier conditions, at least points North and East of the city. We still have a couple of showers that are popping up points South and West of the city. And that's exactly where the air is still quite thick and humid.

As we take a look at what's happening further South, I drew this red circle, if you will, because these are the areas south of Philly, where I do suspect that thunderstorms will continue to fire up through the afternoon. We have a boundary that's in place. And this picture of our dew points, this map of our dew points, really does a great job at showing you who's seeing the drier air and who still stuck in this steamy pattern.

Everywhere where these dew points are in the 60s, that's where the air is pretty steamy at the moment. And notice, Philadelphia, we are just out of there. We are right now seeing dew points in the 50s. And that just simply tells me that that drier air has begun to funnel in. This is what it looks like as far as your graphics are concerned.

We have that drier air that's pushing in. By Friday, it's going to turn even cooler, compared to yesterday, where we were in the 90s. Today, we're only in the 80s. A little bit of cloud cover due to that boundary that's in place. And that's going to keep the clouds around with showers moving through south of the area.

It's 82 degrees right now. Once again, I'm going to keep talking about the dew point, because earlier this morning, we were in the 70s. Now, we're in the 50s, more comfortable as we head toward the afternoon. It's pretty breezy outside with winds out of the East at around 16 miles an hour. Notice here, your hour by hour looks like this.

We'll keep the cloud cover around, some sunshine out there as well, not a bad afternoon to go out for a walk, maybe support local business. As we head towards tomorrow, Friday, that same boundary will keep the clouds around. It'll keep those cooler temperatures as well, due to an easterly wind. But aside from that, we will be tracking some showers, mostly further West. Right now, models are depicting at showers continuing over the region for our Friday.

I'm going to go ahead and say the shower activity is going to be quite spotty to round out the workweek. But we do have the possibility for showers. I did not take that out of the forecast. Now, one thing is for sure, it is going to be a cooler end to the workweek.

Take the umbrellas, have it with you, maybe even a long sweatshirt, dare I say it. By Saturday, Sunday, we have rebound nicely. It's going to be a beautiful start to the day on Saturday, lots of sunshine, temperatures in the 80s. We're warmer by Sunday with highs topping in the mid 80s and an afternoon storm around.

- All right, really nice weekend ahead. [? Larissa, ?] appreciate that. Thank you.