Weather Update: Stormy Pattern Starts The Week

Lauren Casey reports.

Video Transcript

- All across the Delaware and Lehigh Valley is a much warmer Sunday evening compared to the wind and chilly weather we've been seeing. That's gone. Lauren Casey here to tell us about our workweek with some chance for rain. Hi, Lauren.

- Hey Joe. Yeah, we can keep around the T-shirts, but you're going to break out the umbrellas with an unsettled first half of the week in store. Temperatures though, are going to stay on the warmer side of average, and that's where we're at right now. Current conditions, a lot of sunshine across the Delaware and Lehigh Valley. A few clouds, high level clouds in Philadelphia right now.

Still sitting at 82 degrees. We're 81 in Millville, 85 degrees in Redding right now, and we're 84 in Lancaster. We do have this strong breeze helping to cool us off a little bit, out of the southwest, and that southwesterly component to our wind flow ushering in all of this warmth, but it's not ushering in the moisture just yet.

Check out these dew points for that warmth. These are atypically low dew points in the 40 degree range. So it still feels nice and comfortable, but unfortunately that is going to fade away. We will see the dew points increasing as we head through the day tomorrow. It'll cross over that muggy threshold, about 60 degrees, as we head into Tuesday. Yeah, a muggy start to the day, some fog around. Then as we head into Wednesday, dew point to try to climb to near 70 degrees. That is more on the borderline of oppressive feeling humidity. Cold front drops in though as we head into Wednesday night, and will cut our dew points way down again, feeling much more comfortable by next Thursday.

StormScan 3 showing us just some high level clouds streaming on through a trail of showers and a few rumbles working through upstate New York and New England. Those showers will stay away from us for now, but our precipitation chances are looking good, especially late day tomorrow, tomorrow night. Tuesday night and into the day on Wednesday, both in the morning and in the afternoon, before we cut them off on Thursday, and then we could see a system passing offshore on Friday. That could bring back our rain chances once again.

But for tonight, partly to mostly cloudy, very mild only falling back to 62 degrees. We're up to 77 tomorrow. That's still about five to 10 degrees above our average with scattered showers and thunderstorms developing, especially as we head into the afternoon and evening. So a dry start to our day, a few showers around as we head into the afternoon hours, but then the coverage and intensity is going to increase as we head into the evening and overnight period tomorrow.

As we head into Tuesday, most of the day will be dry. Very warm as well, with high temperatures climbing into the middle 80s, but then as we head into the evening hours you start to notice some cells popping up and our best chance of rain and thunderstorm activity will be during the evening, and overnight on Tuesday. Then more showers and storms in the forecast on Wednesday. Our high temperature at 80 degrees. That cold front drops in, gives us a beautiful Thursday.

And then looking ahead towards Mother's Day, still a ways away, Joe, we have showers in the forecast, but hopefully as our models update their continued forecast we can maybe take those out of the Mother's Day forecast. That'd be nice.

- Get some pruning to do between now and then.