Weather Update: Sunshine And Warmth Stick Around One More Day

Llarisa Abreu reports.

Video Transcript

- Also acknowledged, Lee Elder, who was the first black man to ever play in the Masters tournaments. It was a huge honor for him, as they acknowledged him there this morning. So lots of competition ahead this weekend, Llarisa. And it is beautiful out there, so I guess we got to enjoy it. It's not going to be around for much longer. The sun's going away.

LLARISA ABREU: The sun's going away, at least for the foreseeable future. We'll have a little bit more sunshine as we head towards next week. But for the most part, you guys, we're tracking abundant sunshine this afternoon. Enjoy it, because come tomorrow-- Friday-- we're tracking overcast conditions, at least through the weekend. We're going to talk about that in a moment.

I do want to start us off with our current temperatures. It is so nice and mild already at this hour. We're at 66 degrees here in Philly. Notice how the shore is slightly cooler compared to everyone inland. That's because of an East breeze that will keep things cool and those temperatures at bay, but they're also enjoying lots of sun, and that's all you need, really, when you head out to the beach. As long as there's some sunshine and comfortable temperatures, I call that a winning forecast.

For the rest of this afternoon, we are nice and dry. Sunny spells all and those temperatures will be topping out in the low 70s here in Philadelphia. We remain nice and quiet here as the sun goes down and as the night wears on. Now, clouds will be on the increase throughout the overnight hours. That's something we're going to notice as this disturbance continues to move closer and closer to our region.

Now, this is a sluggish area of low pressure. It's going to be moving very slowly, and the core itself won't arrive to our region until Sunday. But between tomorrow and Saturday, we do have a few showers around.

Let's go ahead and talk timing. Here's a look at [? 12:15 ?] and I know it doesn't look like much. This is not going to be a huge rainmaker for us, at least not for tomorrow, neither for Saturday. One thing we will notice are the clouds and the cooler temperatures here for Friday, and then those showers continuing into the start of our Saturday.

So this is 3:30 in the morning. You see those overnight showers across the region. And then, as the system continues to get closer and closer, clouds will remain a factor here. And then here comes the shield of rain, and this is what's going to be over us as we approach Sunday.

So, taking a closer look at Sunday's storm-- it is widespread rain, happening early Sunday morning. A few rumbles of Thunder not out of the question as we approach the evening hours. That storm system moves through, we'll see a few rumbles of thunder here during the evening. Lingering showers early, early Monday morning. And then once that cold front continues to push out of here, we're much cooler for the start of the new week.

So let's backtrack a bit. Today, another beauty. A daytime high of 71 degrees, making it the fourth consecutive day the temperatures here climb into the 70s. By tomorrow, we're cooler with a few spotty showers, so don't go canceling plans.

Saturday doesn't look half bad. Just those morning showers and then just clouds. Mild conditions in the afternoon.

By Sunday it's going to be a bit of a washout. We will be tracking-- on and off again-- rain, a few rumbles of thunder not out of the question. And then once that front clears, we're slightly or cooler for our Monday.

And that's brief, because notice Tuesday, we're back to the mid to upper 60s. We'll be warming up nicely, and we stay dry through Wednesday of next week.

- All right, Llarisa, thank you for that. We do have an update