Weavers recycle shopping bags to shield village from sun

STORY: These Spanish weavers use recycled plastic bags to create colorful shades

that can shield their village from the beating sun

Locator: Valverde de la Vera, Spain

(Marina Fernandez, Architect and designer) “It is an activity that we develop throughout winter, weaving light structures that later we hang above the streets as a temporary installation during the hotter months.”

The project also helps keep traditions of craftwork alive

and encourages the elderly to participate in the public space

(Fernandes Sanchez, Retired rural teacher and weaver) “We are part of a small community as Valverde de la Vera is. I think a project of public art is very interesting for the town because of many factors. There is the social factor, environmental factor, the human part, tourism so I want to take part in it and that is by weaving.”