Websites across the world stop working properly amid major internet outage

The new digital platform aims to teach children how to safely navigate the internet (Dominic Lipinski/PA) (PA Archive)

Many websites have stopped working properly amid a major internet outage.

The problems appeared to be the result of issues at Cloudflare, an internet infrastructure provider that powers much of the web.

Many sites rely on the company’s tools to actually serve their information and media to users, meaning that the problems at Cloudflare rapidly hit other, apparently unconnected, sites.

People visiting those sites saw error messages instead of the usual pages. “Eyeballs attempting to reach Cloudflare sites in impacted regions will observe 500 errors,” the company said on its website.

Soon after announcing the problem, Cloudflare said it had found the source of the issue and was implementing a fix. It then said the fix was in place and it was “monitoring” for any further issues.