Bride uses bouquet toss to help her brother propose to his girlfriend: 'I was more than happy to share the day with them'

The bride and her brother orchestrated an epic proposal plan during her bouquet toss. (Photo: Twitter)

Last weekend a wedding bridal bouquet toss in Texas led to a beautiful proposal that has since gone viral.

In the video, posted by one of the wedding guests, bride Sierra McGinty-Rush was readying herself to toss her bouquet into the crowd when she changed course and walked the bouquet to her brother’s girlfriend, Baylee Gillmore. Gillmore then turned around to find her boyfriend, brother of the bride Solomon McGinty, down on one knee.

“We planned the proposal for months,” McGinty-Rush tells Yahoo Lifestyle. “It was my idea to do it during the reception so our family and friends would be able to witness it. My brother currently lives in Boston, [so] having them both in Texas was the perfect place and time.”

Groom-to-be Solomon McGinty also weighed in on the proposal, telling Yahoo Lifestyle, “A lot of nerves were built up but I think I held it together pretty well.”

McGinty-Rush says that her brother also flew in two of Gillmore’s best friends to surprise her after the proposal. “The morning of the wedding Baylee came over for hair and makeup with me and the bridal party,” McGinty-Rush explains. That time gave her brother the opportunity to pick up Gillmore’s friends at the airport.

“During the bouquet toss my bridesmaids surrounded her and I danced around to distract her so she wouldn’t see my brother and her best friends behind her,” she adds.

Gillmore posted photos to her Facebook capturing the moment, writing, “You are everything I could have dreamed of and so much more ...”

McGinty also shared the moment on Facebook, and thanked his sister for sharing the spotlight with him on her wedding day, writing, “Thanks for sharing your day with me sis.”

He tells Yahoo Lifestyle that when his sister first suggested he propose on her wedding day he said no.

“I told her no at first because it was her day,” he says, adding, “she asked me again and I told her if that’s what you want then I’m all for it.”

The fact that he proposed at his sister’s wedding has caused many on social media to share their own thoughts on the matter and reveal how angry they would be if someone did that to them. One Twitter user in particular shared a sentiment agreed upon by so many it was liked over 55,000 times.

But that’s not at all how McGinty-Rush feels. “He’s my baby brother and we are really close so when he told me I think I was more excited than he was,” she tells Yahoo Lifestyle. “I’m very overprotective of him but I absolutely love Baylee so I was more than happy to share the day with them. To me it just helped us create more memories together.”

McGinty shares his sister’s sentiment and weighed in on the unexpected media attention his proposal brought. “It’s a crazy feeling, it feels like my phone is going to break at any minute with all of the notifications, but I don’t regret any of it. We can add this to our memories.”

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