Wednesday's Morning Email: Motive For Meticulously Planned Massacre Still Unclear


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SUSPECT’S MOTIVE STILL UNCLEAR IN LAS VEGAS MASS SHOOTING Stephen Paddock appeared to have premeditated the massacre by setting up cameras inside and outside of his hotel room to see when authorities would be coming. As an off-duty cop said, “No amount of training prepares you for something like this.” Paddock was known to verbally abuse his girlfriend in public, and her sisters say he sent her out of the country before the shooting. New footage emerged of a “slip and fall” incident that Paddock had sued another Nevada casino for in 2011. And take a deeper look at the lives lost Sunday night. [HuffPost] [Tweet | Share on Facebook] PUERTO RICO MAYOR SLAMS TRUMP FOR ‘TERRIBLE AND ABOMINABLE’ STUNT For throwing paper towels into the crowd of people while visiting the hurricane-hit territory and not meeting with local leaders. In his visit Tuesday, Trump downplayed the damage in Puerto Rico, saying it’s not “a real catastrophe like Katrina.” The death toll has risen to 34 from Hurricane Maria. Meanwhile, Trump said he’d wipe out Puerto Rico’s debt during his visit. He gave no specifics. [HuffPost] THE U.S. REJECTED A U.N. RESOLUTION CONDEMNING THE DEATH PENALTY FOR LGBTQ PEOPLE Saying it’s due to larger concerns about voting against capital punishment. [HuffPost] PRO-LIFE CONGRESSMAN REPORTEDLY URGED MISTRESS TO GET AN ABORTION His staff has churned through about 100 people in the past year. [Pittsburgh Post-Gazette] THREE WIN NOBEL PRIZE IN CHEMISTRY For generating 3D images of the molecules of life. [Reuters] HOW THE VA LOAN PROGRAM IS LETTING SOME VETS DOWN ”There is a shortage of available appraisers, which has led to longer wait times and missed contract deadlines.” [HuffPost] OBAMA OFFICIALS ARE PLANNING A HEALTH INSURANCE SIGN-UP Because of the Trump administration’s cuts to advertising. [HuffPost]


HOW TO IMPROVE YOUR CHANCES OF SURVIVING A MASS SHOOTING “Mass shooters often focus on large groups, so [don’t] run where everyone else is running.” [HuffPost] HERE’S YOUR REMINDER That MH370 is still missing, which is “inconceivable,” according to a final Australian report. [HuffPost] BREAKING DOWN ALL THE CRAZINESS IN THE CUBA ‘SONIC ATTACKS’ STORY U.S. diplomats have been left with “strange afflictions that include hearing loss, mild traumatic brain injury and even problems remembering certain words.” [HuffPost] THE ‘UNSTOPPABLE RISE’ OF JESSE WATERS A deep-dive look at Fox News’ latest “golden boy.” [HuffPost] TALK ABOUT BAD BLOOD That “Sex and the City” reunion is definitely not happening following this dustup between Sarah Jessica Parker and Kim Catrall. [HuffPost] THE OBAMAS ARE REPORTEDLY APARTMENT SHOPPING IN NYC We’re going to bet they’re not looking in Trump Tower. [HuffPost] BEFORE YOU GO

The Las Vegas shooter was reportedly prescribed an anti-anxiety drug in June. Australia has offered to help the U.S. with gun law reform. House Republicans passed a bill that would ban an abortion after 20 weeks of pregnancy. Yahoo breached accounts reach 3 billion. Russia is reportedly targeting NATO soldiers’ smartphones. When adults don’t vaccinate for measles, kids pay the price. Turns out Luke Skywalker may have been right in front of our faces in “The Force Awakens.” The four letters you don’t want to see on your boarding pass. 11 food truths you know in your heart if you grew up in Kansas City. This is one heck of a self-tanner workout fail. Why does Derek Jeter’s Miami Marlins office include a giant thing of hand sanitizer? The FDA has no time for this bakery, which listed love as an ingredient. Cher had another tweet for the ages. This dog has broken the world record for longest tongue. Of course Serena Williams is looking beyond glamorous just a month after giving birth. The Obamas make a quarter-century of marriage look good ― video message and all. And the improbable story of “American Girl,” Tom Petty’s largest non-hit.

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