Wednesday April 7th CBSN Denver Daily Sports Line

Michael Spencer and Jason Scott break down tonight's Nuggets-Spurs game and give their best bets for The Masters.

Video Transcript

MICHAEL SPENCER: Hello, everyone, thanks so much for joining us on the "CBSN Denver Daily Sportsline," brought to you by BetMGM. A massive, massive slate for Colorado sports fans tonight. You've got the Nuggets, the Rockies, and the Avalanche all in action. Let's start on the hardwood. And I want to bring in BetMGM's Jason Scott, joining us from Australia.

Jason, as you look at this Nuggets team, they're on a roll, ever since that Aaron Gordon trade, they're undefeated. They welcome in a San Antonio team that has been less than stellar, as of late. The Nuggets minus 7 tonight. As you look at this game and as you look at the Nuggets as a whole, what stands out to you?

JASON SCOTT: Look, I think with the Nets, the Nuggets are the form team of the competition. They've won 15 of 18, and even before Aaron Gordon. I think they're on the right trajectory. San Antonio are the opposite. They've only won 2 of their last 10. There's not much to like about them. There's a slight question mark about Jamal Murray. And he didn't suit up yesterday. But I don't think 7's a bad start. You know, the last few weeks, we've gone on here and said, back the Nuggets. I continue on that trend.

MICHAEL SPENCER: Yeah, it's funny how things can change throughout the course of the season, right? I mean, a couple of weeks ago, you and I were banging the Nuggets. And we were like, they're way too unpredictable. And now, all of a sudden, they're playing really well. San Antonio, by the way, coming off a 24-point loss to the Cleveland Cavaliers. They've lost three straight and have allowed 132 points per game in those three games. So it could be another big offensive outing for the Nuggets tonight.

Jason, I know you're big on the Masters. Dustin Johnson, the favorite at BetMGM, plus 900. You also got Justin Thomas at plus 1,000. When you look at the slate for Augusta this weekend, what stands out?

JASON SCOTT: Well, I mean it's Christmas Eve for golf fans, isn't it? The day before the presents get opened tomorrow. Look, there's got to be some clues over Dustin. Hasn't played that well the last few weeks. I would be happy to take him on. All of our customers, they all keep landing on Jordan Spieth. He's always popular coming off the Texas win. He's good. I would have backed Jon Rahm. It sounds ridiculous, but I am nervous about him having his first-- his wife having his first child last week. He can't possibly be 100% turned on.

I think there's a good bet it's Robert MacIntyre at plus 275 in the first timers. He's a rookie out of Scotland, left-hander. Hits [INAUDIBLE], putts well. He should be [INAUDIBLE] by Augusta. I think that's the one for me.

MICHAEL SPENCER: Yeah, you mentioned Jon Rahm. He's at 11 to 1 odds. I really like Dustin Johnson to finish in the top 10. You guys at BetMGM have that minus 115 right now. I'm going to jump on that. That's my best bet heading into the Masters this weekend. I also like Justin Thomas at even money to come in the top 10 there.

Jason, when you look at golf, what are some of the favorite bets that you like to lay? If it's not the outright winner in some of those futures, what else do you like to lay, if anything?

JASON SCOTT: I like to look-- myself, personally, I like to look at the head-to-heads, the player-on-player. And I think there's an advantage there. Not so much at Augusta, because the form's known. Everybody knows who plays well here. But most weeks that isn't as well-- there's a bit of hidden information there. I like to back guys that are in decent form, that have played well at the course against guys that might not have played-- performed there previously. That's the edge I look for.

MICHAEL SPENCER: And let's go back to the NBA, quickly. What do you like on the NBA slates tonight, as you look at the totality of games this evening?

JASON SCOTT: Yeah, I like the worst team in the league. On numbers, I like the Timberwolves. They play the Pacers. The Pacers aren't a great team. Brogdon and Sabonis didn't play last night. They're listed as questionable. You can take the plus 2. Me, I'm going to take the plus 110 moneyline and cheer for them. You know, the Pacers are probably the most disappointing this year, if you look at where they finished last year. The Timberwolves, they've been competitive since the change in coach. I'm happy to stick with them.

MICHAEL SPENCER: All right, there you go, some of the best bets for tonight, as you look at the entire slate. By the way, for you fans here in Colorado, we've got the Avalanche favored to win tonight in Minnesota. The Rockies, actually an underdog, although even money on the moneyline at minus 110 for both sides on the moneyline tonight against the Diamondbacks.

And if you think it's going to be a Colorado sweep tonight, on BetMGM, you can get the Nuggets, the Rockies, and the Avs to win at plus 300. As always, good luck and thanks so much for hanging out with us here on the "CBSN Denver Daily Sportsline," brought to you by BetMGM.