Wednesday evening weather forecast with Meteorologist Remeisha Shade

EF-3 Tornado has been confirmed by the National Weather Service from yesterday afternoon's storms. The EF-3 tornado was located in the Pasadena/Deer Park area and was on the ground for a whopping 18 miles! At its widest point, it was over a half mile wide! It had peak wind gusts of 140 mph on the Enhanced Fujita Scale! Fortunately, things are calm and quiet tonight with less wind and mostly clear skies. It will be chilly though with most areas dipping into the 30s. Thursday looks sunny and cool with high temps in the 50s. Friday we'll climb to around 60 with a few clouds. Pattern flips once again for the weekend and next week as waves of rain & a few storms are forecast to push through. Make sure to have the FOX 26 weather app downloaded to keep up with the latest weather!