Wednesday Evening Weather Forecast with Paul Heggen


Video Transcript

- Speaking of keeping things in place, Paul Heggen's here. It looks like we're going to keep the forecast more or less in place.

PAUL HEGGEN: Yeah. No major changes in store as we head through the rest of the workweek and then just a little bit of a warm-up in time for the weekend. We like it when things work out like that. Remaining dry, that's the thing that hasn't changed at all in the forecast for the past couple of weeks.

It's still going to be breezy at times and this evening is one of those times. Some gusty winds out there. We'll check the current wind speeds in just a moment. Minor changes through Friday. The wind change, the wind direction is going to change very slightly. But it's just going to be enough for temperatures to jump a degree or two as we head towards the end of the workweek.

And then a warmer weekend by the Bay and inland. But along the coast your temperatures aren't going to change very much. Looking outside right now towards the Golden Gate, you can still see the fog hanging out on the horizon. That's going to make its way back in as we head through this evening.

Temperatures still on the cool side. Only 53 degrees downtown, with 56 degrees in Oakland. Right around 60 degrees for San Jose, Santa Rosa, and Livermore. Into the mid-60s in Concord. So there were some spots farther inland that managed to warm up a little bit more.

But in general, temperatures were slightly below average because of these strong onshore winds, pretty much straight out of the West. And you can see numerous wind speeds between 20 and 25 miles an hour. It's been a breezy day. Not enough for a wind advisory. But because it's an onshore wind, those temperatures have remained slightly below normal.

Now tomorrow the winds don't change a lot. Wind speeds are going to drop slightly and the wind is going to be running more parallel to the coast instead of straight onshore. It doesn't sound like that would make a major difference, but it does. Especially away from the water with temperatures expected to warm up a couple of degrees.

Tonight we're mostly going to drop down into the 40s. Mid- to upper 40s around the Bay. Mostly low to mid-40s farther inland. But the valleys of the North Bay as usual are going to be a little chillier, dropping down into the upper 30s.

We are going to see some fog and that low cloud cover out there to start the day on Thursday. But watch how quickly it dissipates. By the time we hit 10 o'clock in the morning, already pretty much unobstructed visibility. Except right along the coast, where once again you're going have to be a little more patient and wait until about mid-day for the sun to filter through those clouds.

High temperatures tomorrow. Still running a few degrees below average in San Francisco, but up to 60 degrees for the first time in the past several days. Right around normal temperatures for Oakland and San Jose. And a few degrees above average farther inland in Concord, with highs in the low 70s there.

Let's fill in the rest of the map. Mid-50s right along the coast. Mostly mid-60s for the South Bay, with upper 60s to around 70 degrees farther into the Santa Clara Valley. Right around 68 degrees in San Jose. But up to 71 degrees, Morgan Hill.

Temperatures will be warmest on the East side of the Diablo Range, where you're going to reach the mid-70s. Upper 60s and low 70s, kind of jumbled together for the tri-valley, which isn't bad for April. Right around 60 in San Francisco. Low to mid-60s on the East side of the Bay, with near 70 degree high temperatures for most of the North Bay.

And not much change as we look farther North. A mix of 60s and 70s for Northern Sonoma and Napa counties, into Mendocino and Lake counties as well. And if you're looking for rain chances, you're going to have to wait till the end of next week. And even then, we're talking about a whopping 20% chance.

We're not done quite yet with the wet season but our chances are looking pretty limited. Here's a seven day forecast. There's that weekend warm-up and the milder temperatures are going to stick around into next week.