Wednesday: Fan theory about Netflix show’s location is debunked

Viewers of Netflix’s hit series Wednesday have theorised that the show is shot in the same location as Gilmore Girls.

The streamer’s adaptation of the classic 1992 film The Addams Family follows Jenna Ortega’s Wednesday as she aims to master her emerging psychic ability, prevent a killing spree and solve the 25-year-old mystery that embroiled her parents.

Since its release in late November, the series has not only set a surprising Rotten Tomatoes milestone (which The Independent’s Jacob Stolworthy is worried we could eventually come to regret) but also garnered an impressive fanbase.

A hawk-eyed fanbase at that, many of whom are entirely convinced that Wednesday’s town of Jericho is the Gilmore Girl’s Sleepy Hollow.


Another theorised that Jericho is “definitely Stars Hollow from Gilmore Girls”.

A third included side-by-side comparison photos of the towns, highlighting their convincingly close resemblance.

However (sorry to burst any bubbles), Wednesday was actually filmed on location in Romania, not the Warner Bros studio lot in Los Angeles that was home to the Alexis Bledel and Lauren Graham-led series.

‘Gilmore Girls’ and ‘Wednesday’ locations (Gilmoregirlclube/ Twitter screenshot)
‘Gilmore Girls’ and ‘Wednesday’ locations (Gilmoregirlclube/ Twitter screenshot)

According to Romania Insider, director Tim Burton’s spinoff was shot in various locations around the small mountain town of Busteni.

The country’s Cantacuzino Castle in DâmboviÅ£a was turned into Wednesday’s school, Nevermore Academy, while the town of Jericho was actually a set built at Bucharest Film Studios.

Given that Jericho is supposed to be based in Vermont, it makes sense for viewers to assume it was the same location as Gilmore Girls, which was set in Connecticut.

“Trying to make Romania look like Vermont was an interesting challenge,” Burton told

“In the studio, I had the space to create the sets, so it was great to be able to do that. We had enough space to [do] building exteriors, respectively to build the city of Jericho. It’s as if the sets come to life, and that supports the entire atmosphere of the series.”

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Wednesday is on Netflix now.