Wednesday June 2nd CBSN Denver Daily Sports Line

Michael Spencer gives you his best bet for game two between the Avs and Golden Knights and explains why it might be a low scoring affair at Ball Arena.

Video Transcript

MICHAEL SPENCER: Hello, everyone, and welcome to your CBSN Denver Daily Sports Line for Wednesday, June 2. Coming off a really good start to the month yesterday. Had my guy Ben Cary from CapWize join us. He gave you the Nuggets minus 2 and MPJ over 2 and 1/2 3-pointers. Both of those cashed.

I told you my best bet yesterday was the Nuggets first-quarter spread, minus half a point. That one cashed easily. So a clean sweep, 3 and 0 yesterday on the program. Hopefully we can follow that up today with another winner for you.

Big game tonight, game 2 between the Avs and the Vegas Golden Knights. No surprise here, the Avs favorites in this one. Plus 135 is what you're going to get if you take the Avs on the puck line. The over/under is at 5 and 1/2, and Colorado to win the game is minus 200. I do think that's a little too much money to lay on the moneyline there.

I think this is going to be a fantastic hockey game. I think it will not resemble game 1's 7 to 1 victory in the Avs, in the slightest, part because of Marc-André Fleury. Marc-André Fleury going to be back in net tonight for the Vegas Golden Knights. They are coming off a full two days rest in between games. First time they've had that in more than two weeks. They went every other day in their round-one series against the Wild, which went to seven games. I think this is going to be a close game. I think it is going to be a real, real goalie-dominated affair.

André Fleury played really well against the Avs this season. In seven games against Colorado, six of those seven games went under the 5 and 1/2 goal point total. He allowed just 2.14 goals per game against the Avs. He's had four days off because he didn't play in game 1. The Vegas team, as I mentioned, has an extra day off now here too compared to what they were getting in round one. And the Avs only shut out twice this season. Marc-André Fleury was in net for both of those games. So that is why my best bet for tonight is going to be under 5 and 1/2.

Now, of course, this also has to do with Phil Grubauer right? Both Grubauer and Flower are Vezina Trophy finalists and for good reason. Grubauer's allowed just 1.6 goals per game in the playoffs.

These were two of the best goalies all season long. The price has actually changed on the under a little bit. It was at minus 105. Now it's at minus 115. So you're getting a little less money back, but I still like this game to go under 5 and 1/2. I could see this being a 3-2 Avs win.

The only thing that scares me here is I don't like betting an under in a game in which Colorado is playing because we know about the Avs and their offensive firepower, but I'm going to trust the goalies tonight, two of the best in the league all season long. I trust that they're going to keep this thing under 5 and 1/2 goals. I could see this as 2-2 going into overtime. I could see the Avs winning 3 to 2. The only thing that I really worry about is an offensive performance from the Avs and maybe it's 3-2. Maybe they get an empty net, and maybe it goes over 5 and 1/2.

But I'm pretty confident it's going under 5 and 1/2 today. That is my best bet for your CBSN Denver Daily Sports Line brought to you, as always, by BetMGM. Place your parlays, props, and features at the king of sportsbooks. Download the app today.