Wednesday Weather Update

A clear sky. Low 54F. NW winds at 15 to 25 mph, decreasing to less than 5 mph.

Video Transcript

- Nothing too dramatic here in North Texas as far as Mother Nature is concerned. We did see that cold front move through. So the cloud cover was in place. Cold front moved through, sweeped out a lot of that moisture. Now we have really clear skies behind the frontal boundary that's continuing to make its way off to the East. So you can see right now that we really don't have anything falling for us in the sky here in North Texas. All of the rain and the thunderstorms are continuing to make their way, while off towards the East down near Athens, Placencia area continue to see that front slide its way through.

The area of low pressure with it is making its way through parts of Kansas and Nebraska into Missouri. So on the backside of that, we're seeing our winds turning off towards the North and to the Northwest. You can see at Clybourne Park the tree moving there. It's a breezy to windy afternoon with that West Northwest wind at 20 gusting up to near almost 35 miles per hour. But the dew point's in the low 30s with a temperature of 79. It's a pretty nice afternoon here.

We're at 74 in Denton to 72 in Gainesville right now, 78 in Granbury to 75 in Athens. I hope you're having a great afternoon. It's still going to be a breezy one but you notice those winds. And it's still remaining out of the North to the Northwest. Been gusting up to near 40 in Fort Worth to 41 in McKinney. As that front continues to move East, we see the pressure gradient just loosen it up a little bit. That means those winds come down. Still breezy though through the 8 o'clock, almost 9 o'clock time frame, down to about 10 mile per hour winds. But we're going to have clear skies on the way overnight tonight and into tomorrow morning.

So making out for a great start to your Thursday morning, temperatures upper 40s to the low 50s all across North Texas. And then hour by hour tomorrow, another beautiful day. Temperatures will be a bit warmer though because our surface flow turns to the South, your 10 to 15. So not as windy as today, but still that breeze will be around. We make it up to about 83, maybe 84. And then going towards Friday, the humidity returns.

We're going to be seeing the dew point back into the 50s and the 60s and a dry line developing out West. So those in combination during this time of the year means there's the potential of severe weather going into late afternoon hours and then the evening hours. On Friday, we do have a slight risk of severe storms for a lot of North Texas. And the biggest threat I think is going to be large hail, maybe golf ball sized, or higher and also the lightning with that, maybe some damaging wind gusts.

How much rain can we expect as those storms move through? Now not all of us are going to see it. But in some spots, maybe up to near a 1/2 of an inch of rain or slightly higher. So our temperatures are up to 86 on Friday. The front moves through, drops us to 76 Saturday. Beautiful weekend developing. On Sunday, 82 degrees. By Monday, we're back up to 80, next front arriving for us, and rain chance is back in the forecast. A bigger cold front on the way. We're down to maybe a high of only 73 on Wednesday with more storms around.

But Brooke, this is a great weekend to work off all of that Easter candy I might have been eating.

- I need to do that. But will I do that? That's the question.