Wednesday's letters: Parade killings, miscarriage of justice, anger at unvaccinated, more

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A pair of women protest outside the Waukesha County Courthouse after Darrell Brooks made his initial appearance  Nov. 23. He is charged with killing six people and wounding dozens during a Christmas parade. Brooks had been free on $1,000 bail in a previous case.
A pair of women protest outside the Waukesha County Courthouse after Darrell Brooks made his initial appearance Nov. 23. He is charged with killing six people and wounding dozens during a Christmas parade. Brooks had been free on $1,000 bail in a previous case.

Bail reform to blame for parade killings

The senseless killings in Waukesha are a direct result of bail reform in Wisconsin. These reforms are similar to the ones that the American Civil Liberties Union is advocating here in Florida.

The accused, Darrell Brooks, is a career criminal with a long history of violent crime dating back to 1999.Several weeks before the Christmas parade killings in Wisconsin on Nov. 21, he was arrested on charges that he ran over the mother of his child, but released on $1,000 bail.

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Six people were killed and dozens of others injured in Waukesha because bail reform allowed this domestic terrorist to carry out this attack.

John Wilson, Bradenton

Rittenhouse acquittal displeases liberals

Liberal readers of the Herald-Tribune and good liberals everywhere were outraged by the Kyle Rittenhouse verdict. On Nov. 28, an example was on display from Lorraine Ali, Los Angeles Times columnist, “Carlson-Rittenhouse interview a sickening display.”

The reason Ali, Herald-Tribune liberals, et al are outraged is because the verdict didn’t fit their narrative. Rittenhouse was found not guilty on all charges because a jury of his peers deemed he acted in self-defense. Self-defense.

How dare they? Liberals love the facts when they support their narrative and totally reject them when they do not. Thus, the beauty of the courtroom, one place where the liberal media are not allowed to distort the facts and sway opinion.

They certainly tried outside of the courtroom and some will most likely pay a big price for false claims (see Nicholas Sandmann), notably CNN and "Sleepy" Joe Biden. During his presidential campaign, Biden appeared to link Rittenhouse to white supremacists. CNN falsely stated that he carried a weapon over state lines.

Hopefully, Rittenhouse will sue CNN, Sleepy Joe and the Herald-Tribune, if necessary, for irresponsible attempts to defame his good name, and that of his family, simply to fit their political narrative.

Mike Kantor, Bradenton

Verdict a gross miscarriage of justice

A man climbs through a fence at a zoo carrying an assault rifle and attracts the attention of a lion. The lion then approaches the man, who says he now feels he is in danger. The man kills the lion.

Is that self-defense or the predictable result of the man’s conduct?

Kyle Rittenhouse brought an assault weapon to a street demonstration. Any reasonable person would know that the rifle would attract attention and lead demonstrators to fear that he was there to use it.

He knowingly created a situation where violence was going to erupt, and it did. Were the persons killed and injured trying to hurt Rittenhouse, or were they trying to prevent him from injuring others?

Finding that Rittenhouse acted in self-defense was a gross miscarriage of justice. The jurors on that panel should be barred from jury service for life.

Milton J. Crystal, Sarasota

Misinformation in GOP leader’s column

This is the second time that I have felt moved to provide my opinion of “Your Turn” columns by Jake Hoffman, president of the Tampa Bay Young Republicans (“Here’s why I’m thankful to be a young conservative in Florida,” Nov. 24).

I guess the Herald-Tribune feels the need to be “fair and balanced” in providing space, but do you bother to do any fact-checking of what is obviously a purely political GOP screed, awash in untruths about Florida, the pandemic and Gov. Ron DeSantis’ mishandling of our state’s response to it?

In the face of expert opinion from the epidemiological community, I doubt that Mr. Hoffman’s statements will stand up to the facts. Freedom is no excuse for not being vaccinated in the face of this plague.

Robert Brooke, Bradenton

Anger, not sympathy, for unvaccinated

Guest columnist Mary Dawood Catlin shared the challenges she went through as an unvaccinated traveler coming from Canada to the U.S. (“For the unvaccinated, US-Canada border separates freedom from coercion,” Nov. 25).

I am not sure if she wanted us to feel sorry that she had to endure such inconveniences and hassles. Were we to be sympathetic?

I know we are supposed to be compassionate and understanding about those who refuse vaccinations. When are we allowed to feel anger at these selfish individuals?

Granted, in some cases, there may be acceptable reasons for someone not to get a COVID-19 vaccine. But, for the other unvaccinated people, it is time they get over themselves, stop being selfish and get jabbed.

The unvaccinated are again filling our hospitals and stressing our health care system. I hope Catlin stays well and does not end up hospitalized in St. Augustine, where she resides.

Laurie Lachowitzer, Sarasota

This article originally appeared on Sarasota Herald-Tribune: 6 deaths blamed on bail reform, acquittal upsets liberals

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