Week 13 Fantasy Freebies - Josh Reynolds

Matt Harmon explains why the Detroit WR should have a spot on your roster in week 13.

Video Transcript

MATT HARMON: Made some sense there, Tank. I haven't worn corduroys in quite some time. Like, probably back when Cordarrelle Patterson was drafted. So there you go. What a weird year this has been.

I am strangely excited to talk about Josh Reynolds. Because I know somebody out of Amon-Ra St Brown, Kalif Raymond, or Josh Reynolds here is going to have a big game against the Vikings. Vikings defense stinks. They're 30th in EPA allowed since week eight. They have really taken a fall both as a run defense and as a pass defense.

Josh Reynolds, since he got added to the Detroit Lions, is second on the team in routes run with 44. He has a huge 22 and 1/2 average depth of target. I don't expect that to hold up. But he is capable of those big plays. And he's like an actual NFL wide receiver. We know there's history with Jared Goff. It's like, they were playing some dust of dust of the goofiest goofballs of all time there with the Detroit Lions.

But Josh Reynolds is an actual pro wide receiver. Even if he was never going to be a strong number two for the Tennessee Titans. He can be a starter for the old Detroit Lions. So if you're desperate at wide receiver, I think you could chase a ceiling game with Josh Reynolds this week.