Week 15 DFS locks - Eagles' Miles Sanders

Yahoo Sports' Scott Pianowski and Dalton Del Don offer up their DFS locks for this week's slate of games, including a running back who finished with 115 rushing yards, 2 rushing TD in the win vs. New Orleans.

Video Transcript


SCOTT PIANOWSKI: Producer Raghu is calling for Miles Sanders-- $20 at Arizona. He went over a hundred yards, most of it all on a touchdown run last week. The Hurts insertion has helped that offense. And, you know, but even though Hurts went over a hundred yards, I don't feel like Hurts is going to be like the dominant goal line guy there. I still think Sanders is touchdown on equity, so I can sign off on him at $20 as well.

Also, Producer Raghu suggested that maybe I might want to take David Montgomery again, who I've been riding for a few weeks. So you know what? The price has only gone up $21. That has not caught up.

He's the number 2 running back, Montgomery, over the last three weeks and really good schedule going forward. I think he's going to be a league winner the rest of the way. The offense has more diversity and more of a chance with Trubisky playing with a little bit of confidence. I think Montgomery easily goes well over a hundred combined yards. He gets the touchdown. I think at $21 you can return value, if not a healthy profit. Dalton, who do you like at running back?

DALTON DEL DON: I like your guys' pick, especially Miles Sanders. It feels like those holes are just opening up with the mobile quarterback there. I'm going to go with Jonathan Taylor-- $29. Just I think he's a borderline top 5 start this week against the Houston D allowing the second most fantasy points to running backs.

And maybe Nyheim Hines gets a couple of the looks there, but Taylor's really kind of taken over the backfield there in Indy. And a better late than never. So I think you got to use them in that match-up.

SCOTT PIANOWSKI: Let's go to the wide receiver position. Producer Raghu, our lock master, likes Ty Hilton. And you know, I'll admit it. I gave up on TY Hilton. He had that 14-game stretch without a touchdown the last three weeks. I believe it's 477 yards and four touchdowns, so they've got him going.

And the Colts as healthy favorites on at home against the Houston defense that can't really get anything right, right now. I think Hilton is a no-brainer. It helps to be indoors as well. I'm going to take Brandon Aiyuk.

I think $24 is the full pricing value. But, you know, for all the sunshine-- I guess I just want to talk about him because I know we like the guys so much. I mean, Pittsburgh gets their receivers right so often. What about the Niners? They come back with Deebo Samuel last year and then Brandon Aiyuk this year, who might be better than Deebo.

I don't have any Brandon Aiyuk this season. I didn't draft him proactively. And so I know that he's going to be on some of my teams next year because I got major FOMO. I don't see any reason how Dallas shuts him down this week.

DALTON DEL DON: Lynn Bowden-- $12. He ran the ninth most routes among all receivers last week. Gesicki, DeVante Parker, Jakeem Grant all should be out. New England's not great against the slot. So if you're looking for a cheap wide receiver, Lynn Bowden-- $12. He can even run. He can even throw the ball. He's kind of a jack of all trades.

And I would consider paying up for Tyreek Hill at $34 this week, and I also like Amari Cooper in that same Niner game. At just $19, he's so much better at home. So I like Cooper as another wide receiver option.

SCOTT PIANOWSKI: Good stuff, good stuff. Let's go to the quarterback position. Raghu's running an interesting Philly stack. He's going to use Jalen Hurts, who's been bumped up to $27. We know the ultimate cheat code, or if you're Rich Rebar, the Konami code is a running quarterback. So I can sign off on Hurts at $27.

I like Kirk Cousins to bounce back at home $26 against the Bears defense that's more name brand than anything else. I-- look, he's got really good weapons here. He's got Thielen. He's got Jefferson-- one of the best rookie seasons of all time. Irv Smith, although he didn't get a healthy snap share, was really good last week with 64 yards and a touchdown. He may be a good sleeper for seasonal DFS this week. So I think Cousins at $26 makes sense. Dalton, who's a quarterback you like?

DALTON DEL DON: Give me Taysom Hill for $27. I can see it be a high scoring game back and forth at home against the Chiefs. Yeah, you said it with the running ability. Well, Taysom Hill gets it done there too and a quietly decent downfield passer too. So give me Taysom Hill.