Week 15's Easy Decisions in the NFL

Yahoo Sports’ Charles Robinson asks our Dan Wetzel, and Sports Illustrated’s Pat Forde for what they believe should be easy decisions for the Ravens’ John Harbaugh, and the Bills’ Sean McDermott in their week 15 matchups.

Video Transcript

CHARLES ROBINSON: As we look ahead to this Sunday's games, we're going to make it simple for a few head coaches and give them some easy decisions, even easier than deciding to bank with Capital One, where you get checking and savings accounts with no fees or minimums. Pat Forde, what is your easy decision of week 15?

PAT FORDE: Well, it's an easy decision, I think, for a very hard situation. And that's if you're John Harbaugh and the Baltimore Ravens, and you're playing Aaron Rodgers and the Packers. You absolutely cannot get into a shootout, because Tyler Huntley may be your quarterback or Lamar Jackson on a gimpy ankle. So they've got to find a way to shorten the game, make it a field position game, maybe take some chances and special teams situations or fourth downs if you get into plus territory. Because you're going to have to score some points to beat Green Bay.

So if you're looking at fourth and five on their 40, you probably have to go for it. You may have to fake some kicks, whatever the case may be. But with the quarterback situation being what it is and the opponent being what it is, dig into the bag of tricks and get ready to run the ball 50 times if you're the Ravens.

CHARLES ROBINSON: How about you, Dan?

DAN WETZEL: Yeah, I'm going the easy thing to do from Sean McDermott is to find a way to get your running backs involved in the running game, OK? It doesn't sound like it's going to be tricky, but here we are. Buffalo is reeling, right? 7 and 6, but it isn't over yet.

They have Carolina this weekend, 20th in the league against the run. It's possible to try to establish something to get some confidence. Last week in the loss to Tampa, seven carries from their running backs.

Josh Allen is phenomenal. He's a great running quarterback, passing quarterback, all that, but you cannot count on your quarterback being your top runner in the NFL. He's going to get banged up as he did.

If they're going to get something going this season let alone against New England the following week, and they're going to make anything out of this, they have to regroup right now and get some balance back to this offense. And that means getting [? Singletary ?] going particularly, some other guys. Run the ball. They have to find a way to establish the run, or else, it really isn't going to matter going forward. They're not going to last long. They're a completely one dimensional offense.

- All right, so that was the Easy Decisions presented by Capital One, offering checking and savings accounts with no fees or minimums. What's in your wallet?

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