Week 17 DFS: Stack Broncos vs Raiders

On the latest episode of the Yahoo Fantasy Football Forecast, Dalton Del Don sells you on a Drew Lock and Jerry Jeudy stack heading into week 17 vs the Las Vegas Raiders.

Video Transcript

LIZ LOZA: Raiders at Broncos is made for bettors. There's nothing interesting about this game, other than the fact that the projected point total is 50.5.

DALTON DEL DON: I like the Broncos at +2.5 here. Still, Denver's not the easiest place to play. But I really like-- I'm gonna Drew Lock and Jerry Jeudy--

LIZ LOZA: Oh, God.

DALTON DEL DON: --cheaply, in DFS, man. 22 for Lock. 12 for Jeudy. Jeudy's coming off such an impressive performance last week. I mean, what wasn't to like? I'm actually running this back. I had this same stack in DFS last week. So I, sadly, watched all five of Jeudy's horrible drops. Another 70-yard touchdown Lock overthrew. And as I mentioned in the Harmon pod yesterday, the crazy thing about all the Jeudy drops wasn't just one in the touchdown, but the other one would have resulted in overtime. So, I mean, there could have been 10 more minutes of production from all those fantasy players. But instead, the game was over because he dropped it at the end of the game.

So very frustrating. But 15 targets. The Raiders can't stop anyone. Yeah, just $12. So who knows with Hamler? He got concussed last week. So I'm still going back to Jeudy. I don't know about next year, when Sutton's there, and all those drops may get in his head. But I'm running it back this week with those two. So if you're really looking for some cheap options, Lock and Jeudy.

LIZ LOZA: That is a bold, bold take. Also, an indictment on the lack of pass rush that the Raiders have, that you feel that comfortable about a connection between Lock and Jeudy, especially after last week.

DALTON DEL DON: Oh, yeah. The Raiders' defense is not good at all. They're one of the worst in the league. They have allowed the fifth-most yards per play this season. Yeah. No. I think it's a fine matchup. I know Lock is obviously not the answer there long term, and he makes his mistakes. But I think, in this matchup, one more, for the price, to DFS. Week 17, I'm gonna pivot that way.