Week 3 High School Football Highlights - 3/26/21

Del Oro vs. Folsom, Western Sierra vs. Bear River, Truckee vs. Colfax, Lincoln vs. Tokay.

Video Transcript


MARSHALL HARRIS: What a moment between Bear River head coach Terry Logue and his son Western Sierra coach Zach Logue, going head to head on the field for the first time Friday night.

Marshall Harris here. Don't go anywhere. We have highlights from eight high school games for you tonight, including Del Toro taking on Folsom. But we start at Bear River.

The Bruins you may be familiar with, but if it's-- you haven't seen Zach Logue's Wolves, it's OK. Neither had his dad. It's the first ever meeting between the two schools because it's Western Sierra's first season of having a football team.

Bruins wasting no time muscling up on Sierra. Joe Knowlton on the drive slides to the left, takes the carry all the way down to the doorstop before taken down inside the 5. Jacob Ayestaran gonna punch this one in. Bear River takes a 7-0 lead. It's rough when, you know, it's year one, you're going up against your dad.

More from Knowlton. We saw him take it close on the first drive. This time he will finish the job. Terry Logue gets to tell his son respect your elders. Bear River with a 28-0 shutout to improve to 2 and 1. Wolves still looking for that first program win.

Folsom welcoming Del Oro. Pick up the action in the first. No score. Golden Eagles defense started strong. After a muffed punt, Bulldogs down in the red zone, but Logan Sutter was not having it. Folsom would have to settle for a field goal, but you already know the Bulldogs. They're going to get theirs.

Tyler Tremain banged up last week. Clearly fine today. This ball is on the money. DJ Brown's favorite song. Folsom takes a 10-0 lead.

In the second quarter, same score. Tremain this time dropping back. Going to get it to Rico Flores Jr. He is game fit certified. Folsom in full control. They take down Del Oro 45 to 6.

Truckee visiting Colfax.


You think the cheerleaders are hyped just slightly to be back on the field?

Final play of the third quarter. Colfax up 14-0 and looking for more. It's Wyatt Neumann to Luke Green, who's behind the defense. Pulls it in down inside the 5 before Cody Flynn pulls him down. The touchdown down coming next play. 11 catches for 168 yards for Green.

Colfax finishes the drive to start the fourth. That was Neumann to a wide-open Connor Vaughn. 21-0. Fans had to love seeing that.

Truckee would answer. Jackson Kahl the quick out to Max Carter. It was quick, and well, Carter was out. 77-yard screen pass for Carter. But that would do it for the scoring. Colfax gets a 21-7 win.

Lincoln visiting Tokay. The cheerleaders, they brought it here as well. But a tough night for Tokay in this one. The Trojans had no issues making themselves at home.

Kenyon Nelson was thinking about passing, then he saw a whole lot of open field in front of him. Big fella was moving.


One of many scores for Lincoln. Wait till you see the final score.

Next drive. This time Nelson, using his arm, finds Joziah Hamilton. Big gain for the Trojans.


Then it's Jonah Coleman going to finish off the drive nice and easy like. Tokay would get on the board.


Check this out. Ty Didonato throwing to the back of the end zone. What a catch for Quinn Carter. Tigers, they'll also catch a beat down in this one. Lincoln with a 71 to 6 win.