Week 3 High School Football Highlights Part 2: 3/26/21

Inderkum vs. Vista Del Lago, Casa Robles vs Center, Jesuit vs. Christian Brothers, Tracy vs. St. Mary's.

Video Transcript

- All right, we're back here talking more high school football. Here's the deal-- Vista Del Lago, an impressive 2-0 coming into the night, following a 63 to 6 molly whopping of El Camino last week. But a bigger challenge this week, Inderkum rolling through.

The Eagles looking to soar through. Coach Casey and his Tigers pick up the action in the first, no score. Aiden Edwards straight into the bread basket of one Ethan Menezes, check it out. This is a nice grab. He'd go untouched and in for 6. Vista Del Lago takes an 8 point lead with the help of 2-point conversion. Inderkum, they try their luck and this one works out.

Third and long, Maealiuaki Smith goes long, Amani Pressley in triple coverage, sticky fingers though. He's got some manners too. Vincent Wright going to clean things up from there for the touchdown. But the Eagles, they did their soaring tonight getting to victory 40 to 31.

Center hosting Casa Robles tonight. Early on, the Cougars were using defense to set up their offense. John Fisher with the instincts, that's an interception of Dylan Decelles. And that sets up Center in prime position very next play for the Cougars. Xavier Durand, the keeper, he had reservations for 6. They failed to convert the 2-point conversion so it's 6-0.

The Rams respond in a hurry. Dylan Overstreet, good blocking ahead of him but also a nice individual play alluding some dagglers, reaching the zone. Rams, with the 7 to 6 lead back over to Center. Durand goes deep, connects with one of his targets for the touchdown, but it wasn't enough. Rams won it 42 to 22.

Jesuit on the road at Christian Brothers, let's pick it up in the third. Falcons down 14. Jake Eloduy decides to start slinging it. This one to Jared Wiley for the big gain a few plays later. Eloduy to Brian Garrett who breaks a tackle and well yeah, he'll do the rest.

To the house, the Falcons within 7. This was a really good game. Jesuit had some chances to tack on to their lead, but kept letting the Falcons back in it. Look at Lemisio Vaea stepping in and picking off the Marauders. Then another blown chance for Jesuit's 6 yards away from a score. They fumble the snap recovered by the Falcons. This one went into overtime. The Jesuits survives 44-38.

Senior day for St. Mary's and running back Tyree Washington, the Rams hosting Tracy. Tyree making his parents proud, ramming his way through traffic and into the end zone. Tracy would try to answer. [INAUDIBLE]

Quarterback here on the old read option, calls his own number and it was a good call, faster than your average bulldog. The big play for the score for the Rams, they would respond in kind. Nathan Arnado to Nassiri Danielson, check out this passing, catching, go! He would do the rest. St. Mary's with a 54 to 14 win.