Week 3 Player Props

Minty Bets and Matt Harmon offer up their favorite player props for Week 3.

Video Transcript

MATT HARMON: Absolutely, we've got four player props for you today courtesy of our friends over at BetMGM. Minty, you're starting us off your hot with probably the hottest player in fantasy football right now. So let's jump right into it.

MINTY BETS: Yes, I'm starting us off with the biggest liability the sports books have for winning the MVP award-- Kyler Murray. I have him over 281.5 passing yards. Now, he's exceeded this total in both games this season so far. And today, he's going up against a Jacksonville defense allowing the sixth most passing yards per game. I mean, I can see Kyler just swinging that ball downfield all game long. This has got to hit the over, right, Matt?

MATT HARMON: Absolutely. I love the fact that the Cardinals are passing it on first down more. They are also passing it deep more. His yards per attempt has jumped to 10 when it was like sub 7.2 his first two seasons. We love to see that. No more horizontal raid. The horizontal raid is dead.

I am moving on to my next one here. I've got two receivers today, two of the guys I love coming into this year. And the first is Michael Pittman Jr for the Colts. It sounds like Carson Wentz is going to play, but they also have three quarterbacks active. But I also don't really care because the Titans defense stinks out loud.

They are an awful secondary. They can't rush the passer. I think no matter what, Pittman gets over this 48.5 receiving yards total. Because, I mean look, last week we saw it against a great defense, against a great secondary-- Jalen Ramsey and the boys for Los Angeles. Michael Pittman played a true number 1 receiver role. He did damage from the slot. He did damage on slants, curls, in-routes.

Everything you want to see, Michael Pittman was doing. And I think he has taken that leap. So I am definitely taking the over on this one here.

MINTY BETS: Love it, love it. The next player I am going to is going to be Tyler Higbee. Now, I wanted to bet on this Bucs-Rams game without actually picking a side because this is going to be a tough match-up. Now, the Bucs continue to have one of the tougher rushing defenses so I can see Matt Stafford utilizing his receivers and tight ends more, especially Tyler Higbee. I'm going over four and a half receptions here. I think five receptions or more is pretty easy for him in this game.

MATT HARMON: Yeah, absolutely. I think Higbee is a great bet in this spot. I've been betting on him all year basically. He's a player that didn't work out so well in week 2, by the way. But overall, I really like the role that he has in this offense.

Now, my last one here? Let's call this a little bit of wish casting, like forcing this, pushing this to be true. I'm taking the over on 33.5 receiving yards for Brandon Aiyuk. It's a tiny-- like, 33.5? Come on. Kyle Shanahan, we can get 33.5 here.

I know Tank has been thrown some random stays at Brandon Aiyuk all show. Joy in the crowd in my Twitter mentions whatever. Like, it's all over. People are taking shots at Brandon Aiyuk.

Well, we saw his snaps and his routes jump last week. That's exciting. That's a good development. I think we're trending quietly in the right direction here with Brandon Aiyuk.

And most importantly, the Packers defense has allowed the fifth highest passer rating on throws of 15-plus air yards, and the 49ers need to open up the offense if they actually want to beat good teams that aren't the Eagles and the Lions. Jimmy G-- 20% of his passes have been screenplays. That's not going to cut it. Let's uncork some deep balls to Brandon Aiyuk.

Maybe I'm wish casting, Minty. But I got to do it here. I've got to. This has got to happen, right? Give me a break. OK, it's going to happen this week.

Speaking of which, Minty, we don't have our sportsbook show this week. That's fine. No big deal. But we are still going to be here tracking these prop bets all day long. Let's go get the people some money here.

MINTY BETS: Let's do it.

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