Week 5 High School Football Highlights: Part 2

Oakdale vs. Manteca, Christian Brothers vs. Vista, Antelope vs. Inderkum, Pioneer vs. Dixon, Highlands vs. Natomas.

Video Transcript

MARSHALL HARRIS: No playoffs this year in Cali, but you get halfway through the spring undefeated and take on another unbeaten, it starts to feel like a playoff game. Both Manteca and Oakdale 3-0, and on a collision course this week. First play from scrimmage, Francisco Lyon Colon takes it 74 yards for a Buffs touchdown. He's moving fast. Well, maybe not that fast, but we had to speed up to save some time. 8-0 Buffs after the 2-point conversion.

Mustangs QB Jackson Holt, going to find Cole Snyder here. Watch this. Carrying a couple of defenders, make that three defenders, make that four defenders, on the catch and run. Beginning of the second quarter, following that Snyder catch, Yahir Ayala running in for a touchdown to make it 8-7 after the extra point, but Sierra led early, they led late. Holding on for a 23 win, Wolves now 4-0.

Christian Brothers trying to give Vista Del Lago its first loss of the year. And if you wore number 3, you were balling like A.I. in his prime. Yes, I'm talking Allen Iverson, the football player. DJ Crowther Jr.-- you know, mom is saying, go DJ. Now that's my DJ-- 40-yard score. Christian Brothers cutting the lead to 20-14. For the Eagles, another number 3. Ethan Menezes, a little closer, but the same result from 6 yards out. And then it's Menezes again from 5 yards out. He had 250 yards rushing, 4 touchdowns, and a 52-34 Vista Del Lago win.

Dixon playing host to Pioneer, but the Patriots feeling right at home. Up 7-0 in the first, Malachi Martinez going the wrong way. Pioneer get the INT and make them pay. It's going to be Isaiah Martinez to Jack Carter to move the chains here, but just wait until he actually gets loose. Jack Carter, he's cool. He's calm. He's collected. Oh, by the way, he's also extremely fast. Going to tight rope the sideline at the end of this run, just miss getting it from 6. Pioneer dominates. He would eventually get in the end zone, handing Dickson a 61-7 loss.

Highlands' first game of the year, visiting Natomas. Nighthawks already up 6-0, and looking for more. William Vue trying to make that happen, but he's pressured by Kovon Willard, who forces him to throw it away. But Natomas, the captain, Raelan Bruce, rolling 5'8, too hot to handle, too cold to hold. Bruce in the end zone for 12-point Nighthawks lead. Natomas improves to 3-2 with a 32-20 win.

Inderkum welcoming Antelope. No score in the first of this one. Quincy Gallon fakes the handoff. He decides he's going to go straight up the gut, diving over a defender, breaking the plane for 6. Titans go up by 7. Inderkum looking to respond. Riley Mitric goes deep to Amir Limmons. Unable to come down with it, but hold up. There was laundry on the field, pass interference is the call. Mitric not missing two times in a row, this time it's Limmons in the corner. That touchdown for the tie, but Antelope getting the last laugh, getting the dub. 33-7.