Week 5 Player Props

Minty Bets and Matt Harmon offer up their favorite player props for Week 5.

Video Transcript

MATT HARMON: Yeah, let's dive right into some "Player Props." Love this segment every single week. Minty, get us started off with your first one here. The folks at home will be surprised. You might be not taking the over on this one.

MINTY BETTS: Oh, my god. It is a surprise. I'm going with a wide receiver named Odell Beckham Jr. I'm going under 55 and 1/2 receiving yards. Simply put, the Browns are a run heavy team, and the Chargers are allowing these fourth most rushing yards per game. OBJ only recorded 27 receiving yards last week against a much weaker defense in Minnesota. So I say OBJ under-performs and does not get to this number.

MATT HARMON: Yeah, that Chargers defense does not allow explosive plays, so I really like that call from you there. I don't see-- I mean, if Baker Mayfield can even hit the guy when he's wide open downfield, I don't know that we're gonna see any of those passes. I don't know we're gonna see Odell get behind the defense like he did last week.

I'm not tilting about it, though. I'm totally fine. I've moved on from that wide open miss by Baker Mayfield there to end that game.

I think that the like, industry at large needs to move on from some of these low expectations for Saquon Barkley. I mean, the rush attempts number this week is 12.5, and I am absolutely taking the over on this one.

I mean, why is this so low? Why is Saquon Barkley just $23 in our daily fantasy game? I don't understand it. Like, Saquon is back, back. Like, he's averaging 86% of his snaps the last three weeks.

He's cleared this rush attempt number in the last three games. Like, there's no more limitations on the player. I think you can obviously quibble with the match-up. Like, Dallas's defense has been flying around and is good. And, of course, there's always a little bit of question with that Giants offense even though they have looked good in the last few games. Overall, though, like from an opportunity standpoint, I see Saquon Barkley pretty clearly going over in this match-up.

MINTY BETTS: OK, all right. My next play player prop is going to my guy Joey B, but I'm going under his passing yards. Of course, surprise. 266 and 1/2 passing yards. I'm pretty iffy about how Burrow will produce against this Green Bay defense. They're allowing the eighth least passing yards per game, so I think the Bengals will have to rely on the ground game more if they want to move those chains. So, yeah, under-- Joe Burrow passing yards.

MATT HARMON: Yeah, I actually kind of think that's an interesting line there. That's a bit closer than I would expect the spread in this game. Like, I think taking the Packers is a pretty good call in this one.

All right, my last one is AJ Brown-- over 63 and 1/2 receiving yards at minus 115. I mean, look, AJ Brown is back. We're getting him with no Julio Jones, who is not gonna play in this game. We're getting AJ Brown against the Jaguars. So check, check on that one.

And whatever your preseason expectations were for AJ Brown, mine were very high. I think everybody's were really high. I think we can juice him right back up. Like, people have this bad taste in their mouth with AJ Brown because we saw him drop a few passes in week 2.

Don't care. Like, remove that from your mind. AJ Brown, if he's healthy and he is gonna play in this game against the Jaguars- yeah, give me a break. This Jaguars defense is 32nd in pass defense DVOA.

So I think AJ Brown is your second round pick in fantasy. You're taking him on this line here. Like, I absolutely love AJ Brown this week. It's gonna be a fun game to watch to see if this Titans offense can finally look a little bit better now that AJ Brown is gonna be back in the lineup.

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We will be giving everything you need to know about the games that are live at that point but also taking a little look ahead at the Sunday night and Monday night player props, the lines and spreads for the later games. It's gonna be great. So make sure you tune in right here on Yahoo Sports.

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