Week 6 Fantasy Sleepers

Liz Loza offers up a few players who could create some fantasy damage.

Video Transcript

LIZ LOZA: And injuries are mounting, so let's talk Sleepers. And let's kick it off with a player who appears to be back to health. OK, vintage Carson Wentz, we see you coming off of an interception free. 400 yard and 2 touchdown effort on Monday night. I think Wentz deserves a second look.

He's actually the QB 3 in deep ball completion percentage and can be feeling himself against verse a verse-- again, versus a Houston defense that's admittedly better versus the pass than they are the run. But still has only managed 8 sacks on the season. I get it. Like, the ceiling here isn't really high, but the floor seems pretty solid.

And given some of the options this week, that could be inviting. I think Wentz could sneak inside of the top 15 at the position this week. We going to sneak in. I mean, I got to tell you, I feel like Dan Brown tip toeing around the Vatican, trying to Da Vinci Code the Patriots backfield.

I know that I should quit, but every week this puzzle shifts. And now we got Damien Harris trying to play through bruised ribs and coughing up the ball at the goal line for the second time this season. How do I not speculate on Raymond Ray Stevenson? He was finally active last week after apparently atoning for his own fumbling sins.

And after a buzzy summer-- by the way, this summer that everyone's talking about, this buzzy summer, Ivan Fears, the team's running backs coach, compared him to LeGarrette Blount. We know what LeGarrette Blount does at the goal line. That sort of touchdown upside, particularly with such scarcity at the position is too much for me to ignore or more likely I'll pay.

But, you know, it can't be much worse than starting Kenneth Gainwell on Thursday night. Still stings.

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