Week 7 Pickups: Target Chargers

Andy & Scott implore you to go pick up Mike Williams and Justin Jackson.

Video Transcript

ANDY BEHRENS: A theme is gonna come up here where I keep talking about various Chargers, and I couldn't help but notice this when I was writing the pickups piece. There were a whole bunch of Chargers who really popped in week five, but they were going into their bye. Nobody picked them up. So a bunch of guys that in a normal week I would have said, well, OK, there's gonna be this huge surge in roster percentage. They're gonna go from like 40% to 65%, 70%.

Didn't really happen. They went from 40% to like 44% or 45%, right? So I want to talk about Justin Jackson, I think, separately from the other running backs that we're gonna get into. Because a lot of the other running back names are sort of plug them in for a week or-- a couple of exceptions here.

And this is something that we'd previewed, I think, a couple of weeks ago. Josh Kelley has had some ball security issues. So they go into the Monday night game. We didn't exactly know what the distribution of touches was going to be. It turns out Justin Jackson out-snapped Kelley by a ton-- I think it was 42 to 25-- he out-touched him 20 to 12 I want to say, and he out-gained him by a pretty substantial margin, almost 60 yards.

SCOTT PIANOWSKI: Yeah, he's out of his bye. All we've seen since Herbert took over is an offense that moves the ball, that gets into scoring position. They've been in a lot of high-scoring games. And Jackson got the majority of whatever you want to go by. Snaps, touches, opportunities, he was getting the majority of them over Kelley the last time we saw these guys on Monday night.

And Jacksonville is a defense that can't really do anything right right now. They just pushed D'Andre Swift into fancy relevance after a really slow-- he had the drop in week one.


SCOTT PIANOWSKI: Why are the Lions playing Adrian Peterson? Peterson did get the early touchdown in that game, but it looked like a coming out party for Swift. And maybe this will be a full coming out for Jackson. I mean, he's been the league for a few years, so he's somebody we're a little bit familiar with. But I think the Chargers can be a plus offense, and Herbert hasn't had any growing pains.

He doesn't have a win yet, but it's because of who they've played. He's played Patrick Mahomes, he's played Drew Brees, he was in a high-scoring game against Brady. So I see nothing wrong with this offense. And Jacksonville's a really good-- if you want to think shorter term, Jacksonville is a really good matchup here. If you want to think longer term, there's gonna be some high-scoring games, I think, on the horizon for the Chargers.

And Jackson should be the heavier rostered guy of these two, of him and Kelley. I don't understand that either. I think Jackson right now probably has about 70% to 75% of the market share likely for him in week seven.