Week ahead on Wall Street

Wall Street gets a better read on the strength of the consumer next week following a week of retail earnings.

On Tuesday, the Conference Board is likely to report that consumer confidence rose in November. The next day, the Commerce Department will likely report that consumers spent 0.3% more in October than the prior month and that their income rose at the same rate.

Investors also hope to gauge the health of American consumers when Best Buy reports its quarterly results on Tuesday. The consumer electronics retailer is expected to post a sales increase. It has been attracting more subscribers to its tech-support services.

On Tuesday, discount retailer Dollar Tree will also likely report an increase in sales. Wall Street will focus on the performance of its Family Dollar chain. The company is trying to turn that business around by renovating its stores.

Expect lower earnings from Deere on Wednesday. The farm equipment maker has been hurt by America's trade war with China and the poor weather that hit the farm belt.

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