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With A Week Left, Coloradans Get Ready To Plant Colorful Gardens

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Living in Colorado, you learn to wait to plant your garden until after Mother's Day.

Video Transcript

- Well, living in Colorado, you learn severe storms here can trash your garden. There are ways you can protect the plants. But Justin Adams explains why it's really best to wait to garden until after Mother's Day.


JUSTIN ADAMS: Mother's Day is right around the corner, and people like Amy Miller have the perfect flowers for the big day.

- These are calibrachoas. I buy them every year. They're very hardy. I love them. They're colorful.

JUSTIN ADAMS: One of the best flowers to give for Mother's Days are these right here. These are called annual flowers, but there's one thing I want you to take a look at. See right here where it says cold sensitive? Protect below 40 degrees. That's because these flowers right here, when it gets cold, frost could kill them. But there are some ways that you could protect them.

Sensitive is one way to look at it. Frost on these flowers would kill them. So here's some ways you can keep your flowers from harm.

- If you're gardening in pots, or you have a balcony or something like that, you might want to push them up towards the house to give them a little more protection, or bring them inside. If it's outside, and you've already planted in the beds, you might want to take a sheet or some frost guard, and you cover the plants.

JUSTIN ADAMS: One thing you should not do is cover your garden with plastic.

- And what happens is the sun comes out, and we don't get the plastic off in time. And then it burns the plants. So you're better off to use something that's more accessible and breathable.

JUSTIN ADAMS: Once you follow these steps, you can focus on the real task at hand-- finding the best set of flowers for Mother's Day.

- I would say the hanging basket. Everybody loves-- all moms love a hanging basket. It's just a splash of color, and Mom always appreciates a hanging basket.

JUSTIN ADAMS: Justin Adams, covering Colorado first.