The Week in Numbers: climate action, soccer chaos

From a bold pledge on climate change, to a short-lived soccer Super League, this is the Week in Numbers.

First up…

GRAPHIC 1: 50%

The U.S. aims to cut its greenhouse gas emissions in half by 2030. So said President Joe Biden on Thursday.

"The United States isn't waiting. We are resolving to take action.”

He wants to reclaim global leadership on climate change - but the plans will have to get through Congress first.

GRAPHIC 2: $95 billion

$95 billion is the total forecast quarterly profits for companies on Europe's benchmark STOXX 600 index, according to Refinitiv.

That would be a 61% jump, or around twice the gain predicted for U.S. firms. The numbers are flattered by comparison with last year's economic slump.

GRAPHIC 3: 3.98 million

Just under 4 million people signed up for Netflix between January and March.

And that’s actually not many - this time last year the firm gained nearly 16 million users.

The stock tumbled as analysts asked whether it was all a sign of Netflix fatigue.

GRAPHIC 4: 48 hours

48 hours, give or take, is about how long plans for a new soccer Super League lasted.

12 top sides, including Barcelona and Manchester City, set out the project.

They planned to share a $4.2 billion pot of cash provided by JP Morgan.

But the plan enraged fans and even City’s own manager, Pep Guardiola:

“Sport is not a sport when the relation between the effort and the success, the effort and reward, doesn't exist. So, it's not a sport.”

By Wednesday morning the project was dead in all but name.

GRAPHIC 5: 8,000%

And 8,000% is the gain so far this year for Dogecoin - a bitcoin-like currency initially created as a joke. The coin hit record highs on Tuesday, dubbed Doge Day by fans on Reddit.

But it soon slid back, and only the brave would dare predict its next move.

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