The Week in Numbers: Honest stocks, pricey shoes

From another record high for stocks, to the world's most expensive sneakers, this is the Week in Numbers. First up…

GRAPHIC: 498,000

498,000 Americans filed new claims for unemployment this week. And that's good news, as it's the first dip below half a million since the global health crisis began. The brighter outlook helped drive the Dow Jones stock index to a fresh record closing high on Thursday.

GRAPHIC: $2 billion

Around $2 billon was the value of Jessica Alba's company Honest within hours of its stock market debut.

"Now, more than ever, health and wellness have taken center stage. And looking back at 2020, I think we can all agree that in order to thrive, you need your health."

Shares in the maker of eco-friendly lotions jumped around 40% on Wednesday. That made Jessica's stake worth well over $100 million.

GRAPHIC: 16 days

16 days is how long a container ship now has to wait to unload at Los Angeles port, according to shipping giant Maersk. That as Friday figures showed Chinese exports surging more than 32%. Now Maersk says there just aren't enough vessels or containers to go around. Freight rates have hit record highs as a result.

GRAPHIC: 14,000%

14,000%, give or take a thousand, is the gain so far this year for Dogecoin. The dog-themed bitcoin rival was started as a joke... but the punchline is yet to come. Fans and traders seem to like it precisely because it's so volatile... and maybe also because it's funny, kinda.

GRAPHIC: $1.8 mln

And $1.8 million was the price for a pair of Kanye West's old sneakers at a Sotheby's auction. It's a world record for athletic shoes. They weren't bought by a rich fan, but by investing platform RARES, which will allow people to buy and sell shares in the sneakers. No word yet on whether they'll let you pay in Dogecoin.

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