The Week in Numbers: Record earnings, IPO hopefuls

From Wall Street hopefuls to blockbuster earnings, this is the Week in Numbers.

First up…A 50 billion-dollar share buyback... That's the plan at Google parent company Alphabet after it reported record profits for a second straight quarter.

A surge in online activity during lockdowns saw Alphabet's first-quarter sales soar by more than a third on the year.

Amazon also winning big... It too posted record profits this week and said more than 175 million people had streamed content on its Prime Video service.

At $10.8 billion dollars it's one of the biggest inheritance tax bills ever.

And picking up the tab is the family of the late Samsung Electronics Chairman Lee Kun-hee.

They will also donate his vast private art collection to state curators, earning a thanks from the country's minister of culture:

(South Korean Minister of Culture, Sports and Tourism, Hwang Hee) "I highly appreciate and express deep gratitude for the family who followed the deceased's wishes of sharing his love of our cultural assets and artworks with the people."

$1.5 billion is the potential value of Hollywood actress and entrepreneur Jessica Alba’s company Honest.

It filed paperwork this week for a Wall Street IPO.

Alba co-founded Honest in 2011, and touts its baby products as a safer alternative to rivals that contain synthetic chemicals.

Global smartphone sales surged more than a quarter in Q1.

Samsung reclaimed its crown as the world's biggest smartphone maker from Apple.

While China's Xiaomi rounded out the top three positions, with a 62% surge in shipments.

And just under two and half billion dollars is what Tesla said was the fair market value of the Bitcoin it holds.

That's about 1 billion dollars up on the original value of its stash, putting founder Elon Musk on track for a handsome profit.

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